A LogicMonitor Employee Reflects on Two Years of Rapid Growth

A LogicMonitor Employee Reflects on Two Years of Rapid Growth

Some may consider kicking off another new year with their organization a daunting continuation of 2020, however, this is not the case with LogicMonitor. Personally, coming up on my two-year anniversary, I have felt intrinsic energy from day one. With two years under my belt at LogicMonitor, and witnessing first-hand the organization growing at a rapid rate, I thought I would reflect on the opportunity at hand for my colleagues and myself.

Accelerating in 2021

For many, 2020 brought trials and tribulations and a large sense of uncertainty for organizations worldwide. LogicMonitor, with the rapidly changing global climate, pivoted and strived to provide little to no effect to both our customers and internal team. 

From a customer-facing perspective, our leadership team made quick work of strategy to ensure the LogicMonitor team was firing on all cylinders to help our customers in the ever-changing market. A good example is the development of work from home (WFH) data sources that were created to complement collaboration tools like O365 and Zoom. Through 2020 and into 2021, along with other product enhancements, LogicMonitor is focused on making the WFH model sustainable for our customers. 

Strong Leadership During Uncertain Times

I think what speaks volumes about LogicMonitor, from an internal perspective, is that the number one priority of our leadership team is to take care of all employees. Our leadership team had and continues to have full, transparent communication during the volatile global climate. LogicMonitor has been able to enable the team to thrive during uncertain times. This was consistent throughout 2020 and is accelerating as we head into 2021.

Tim Koubek, new to our team in 2020, has brought an innovative approach to assisting our customer base. Tim has brought new tools and processes into LogicMonitor to not only better assist our customers but to help with individuals’ success here at LogicMonitor. Within this go-to-market organization, there is a true sense of joint ownership for success. Personally, with my two direct leaders, Michael Tarbet and Brian Flander, I truly feel that my success is theirs. With the exciting news of our new President, Christina Kosmowski, there is a confidence that this support will continue in a strong fashion.

I’m also excited about where the product is heading! Our Chief Product Officer, Tej Redkar, and his team churned out amazing product enhancements in 2020 and they are keeping the ball rolling aggressively into 2021. I am extremely excited about the enhancements coming out in 2021 to drive the AIOps goal including 100% automated log analysis and cloud application insights and troubleshooting. 

As an individual in the go-to-market organization, it is exciting to be able to position a product that is leading the market in innovation. It enables you to walk into a project for a client with confidence, knowing your product is going make not only the IT teams’ life better but improve their level of service to their customers.

LM Cares

The last point I want to make regarding LogicMonitor is that LM cares. In my two years at LogicMonitor, I have received phenomenal coaching from Leaders such as Mark Banfield (CRO), Shon Turner (Area VP of Sales), and Brian Flander (Director of Sales) just to name a few (and there are plenty more I could name). They have assisted me in growing as a thought leader in the go-to-market organization. To say that your CRO will stand shoulder to shoulder with you on any project necessary speaks volumes. On top of that, I have been able to have a fantastic mentor in Michael Tarbet (VP of Sales) over the past two years. Michael has provided both project coaching and career coaching, which has enabled me to start thinking about future growth and career goals within the organization. It is rare to find an organization so driven to see its team members develop beyond their current abilities and career goals. 

With all that said, I am thrilled to kick off 2021 with LogicMonitor and can’t wait to help this organization grow further.