Employee Spotlight: Tim Koubek

Tim Koubek is the Sr. Vice President of Sales, Americas at LogicMonitor in Austin, TX. Here he shares his experiences working at LogicMonitor.

Position: Sr. Vice President of Sales, Americas

How long have you been at LogicMonitor:

I joined LogicMonitor in July 2020.

Why sales? 

Sales is the place where I can assist our customers in articulating and discovering a problem or opportunity that will enable not just their company, but also the individuals we work with, to reach the goals they set for themselves.

What is your advice on how to be successful every day? 

Care. Care about all of the people you interact with. Care about the prospects and customers you work with. Care about making the world a better place with each thing you do. Care about the impact you have each day on yourself, your colleagues, your customers, and your business.

Can you share some characteristics of what it takes to have a winning mentality with the company?

First, the assumption of goodwill. It is hard to know the challenges of the people you are working with, and where they are coming from. So don’t start with judgment. Start with the fact that people, in general, are trying to do the right thing.

Second, be curious.

Third, and critically important is your mindset. How you react to the circumstances is totally up to you. Do you have a Growth mindset, open to failure and seeing it as a positive, or a fixed mindset? Were you a victim and bad things happen to you, regardless of how hard you try? The stories we tell ourselves can be getting in our way. Have a vision for what good (or winning) looks like and persevere until you get there. I highly recommend Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

  1. LEARN- I get to learn every single day. We are doing great things with our sales methodology at LogicMonitor and I get to experience different customers, etc.
  2. EARN- I am paid fairly. And if we produce, I can earn a living. 
  3. RETURN- I get to help people grow and learn in their careers. I get to contribute to the community inside and outside of LM. I get to deliver on promises to customers

Was there a certain moment in your career that you felt was a turning point? 

As a college basketball coach, I realized that 1) I loved helping people and doing things as a team (it cannot be about me- when my focus is on others I am way happier) 2) everyone is in sales. I was only as good as the players I could recruit (no matter how good of a coach I was). So why not do that full time.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? 

My Dad. His spirit and ability to lift others up was amazing. He had a generous heart and a constant faith. With eight kids, my parents were not short on challenges.

Why did you choose to work at LogicMonitor? 

Mark Banfield, LogicMonitor’s Chief Revenue Officer, is what made me want to work here. Mark’s style is to give you support, always be there, and give you the autonomy to make your own decisions. And that was important coming from being a CEO and CRO for a long time.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Driven, Caring, Fair.

What are 3 words you would use to describe LogicMonitor?

Full of opportunities.