How LogicMonitor Can Use Errors From Airbrake in Dashboards and Alerts

How LogicMonitor Can Use Errors From Airbrake in Dashboards and Alerts

LogicMonitor continues to grow its visibility of critical business infrastructure and applications. We acquired Airbrake to help see more of what is happening in a customer’s environment at the code level. Simply integrating Airbrake’s dashboard metrics within LogicMonitor alongside your existing networks, services, and cloud infrastructure enables you to gain access to errors and the context you need to effectively troubleshoot issues impacting your systems and users.

Why Monitor Errors From Airbrake With LogicMonitor?

Adding Airbrake error monitoring to LogicMonitor is an easy way to leverage both platforms through a single pane of glass. You can do so using the newly launched SaaS application monitoring via API authentication. One of the best parts about this integration is that it is included in your LogicMonitor portal. Adding the power of LogicMonitor and Airbrake together can lead to more clarity.

Airbrake project errors shown in the LogicMonitor platform.

How to Monitor Errors From Airbrake With LogicMonitor

Monitoring errors from Airbrake with LogicMonitor is as simple as inputting your Airbrake API key into your LogicMonitor portal.

From there, LogicMonitor will ingest your Airbrake dashboard metrics using our SaaS monitoring platform, freeing you from configuring or maintaining anything yourself.

To get started, log in to your LogicMonitor portal and navigate to the Cloud Integrations tab of LM Exchange. Select Airbrake, input the API key for your Airbrake project, download the LogicModules for Airbrake, and data will start flowing. A dashboard will be added immediately to allow you to start seeing all of the reported errors in Airbrake in your LogicMonitor portal. 

Airbrake and LogicMonitor

The included dashboard will allow you to see the information you are used to seeing on your Airbrake dashboard directly in LogicMonitor. This brings you one step closer to a single portal for all your business infrastructure, application, and code visibility needs.

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