Meaningful Media: How LogicMonitor’s Media Club Supports Self-Learning

Meaningful Media: How LogicMonitor’s Media Club Supports Self-Learning

In the face of all types of adversity, LogicMonitor’s Community Groups have blossomed into organic centers of support for many employees. Collectively, we volunteer, create art, and listen to the perspectives of key external leaders from each of the communities. Tied directly to one of our core values, the goal that drives all of the events the Community Groups to bring to LMers is learning. 

With so much to learn from one another, “doing the work” to learn about diversity and inclusivity, easily becomes daunting. Once you read a book or watch a documentary about a new topic, what do you do with that information? Where do you go with that knowledge? Our solution was to create The CG Media Club. 

The CG Media Club is a sub-community group that supports the self-learning component for anyone wanting to learn more about the topics that matter to our People of Color, Women, and Pride community groups. Our mission is to create a space for all LMers to have a healthy and respectful dialogue about a variety of social topics using the collective consumption of media.

Our first iteration of CG Media Club focused on new media every two weeks and all related to race relations. The CodeSwitch and White Lies podcast, and the books Mindful of Race and Red at the Bone made up the list of media we consumed individually and then came together to discuss. Coming together to talk about what we have learned and asking questions about things we have yet to understand helps bring us closer together while becoming better every day.

This year, the regular members of CG Media Club identified that watching movies was their favorite way to consume information, especially while having a busy schedule. And by basing our selections on monthly observances, CG Media Club has evolved into a cinema club with a purpose. 

“I like that each month we focus on a different topic and we all pitch in with movie suggestions and ideas. I really appreciate hearing other people’s thoughts, opinions, and perspectives on these films. Specifically, with this year’s monthly observance theme, we can take a moment to really try to understand each month’s importance whether that’s through fiction or non-fiction works.” – Michael Raymond

A few of the movies we’ve watched this year include Sex Trafficking in America, Moonlight, Life, Animated, Saving Face, and The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson – covering a variety of topics, from human trafficking to autism, to the history of the trans-rights movement in the US. 

SavingFace movie banner
Life, Animated movie banner
A banner for The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

“I’ve learned a lot about intersectionality! It’s a good way to get exposed to cool media that can talk about tough topics. And I get to hang out with LMers that I usually don’t get to interact with considering WFH is a thing.” – Madeleine Le 

Watching stories we’ve never heard before has broadened our perspectives and understanding of whole groups of people. Doing the work of learning about other people, while being socially distanced ourselves has been an enriching experience. In the upcoming months, we’re looking forward to watching movies and documentaries about Native American history, disability awareness, and Hispanic heritage. 

If you’re a LogicMonitor employee, check out the Community Group Calendar for upcoming events and topics. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our next meet-up. Interested in starting a career at LogicMonitor? Check out our careers page, and maybe you can join our next meet-up!