Innovation From the Ground Up: Why I Joined LogicMonitor

Ben Radke, Chief Technology Officer, Field Operations at LogicMonitor

The landscape in which modern companies operate continues to become increasingly complex.

Having appropriate telemetry across your landscape creates a layer of agility, opening the door for increased innovation, and a greater ability to drive customer success. I believe LogicMonitor is uniquely positioned, and here are the three core reasons why I joined.

LogicMonitor has an incredible product market fit and product vision. Having a foundation in ITIM originally provides the necessary capabilities to realize the vision of providing a unified observability platform, one that breaks down traditional IT silos, in a single pane of glass, for end-to-end visibility, insights, and intelligent remediation across infrastructure, applications, and business systems.

Second, the cultural values at LogicMonitor of “One Team” and “Customer Obsessed” resonate with me. Teams with a strong culture work to create a connective fabric across organizations and I’m here to help build upon the strong foundation that already exists today. I look forward to working across the many talented teams here to ensure we work together with empathy and a clear focus on driving the success of our customers.

Third, is the opportunity to utilize my experience building and scaling teams in enterprise software to support LogicMonitor’s continued hyper-growth. It’s a journey I didn’t want to miss, and I’m excited to be here as we work together to achieve great success for our customers.

Ben Radke

Chief Technology Officer, Field Operations

Ben is Chief Technology Officer of Field Operations, bringing nearly 20 years of experience in senior leadership, architecture, and engineering to LogicMonitor. Prior to joining LogicMonitor, Ben was the Global Head of Technical Architects at Slack, where he built the go-to-market strategy and execution of Technical Customer Success and Services delivery from the ground up. Ben also held leadership positions at Salesforce where he and his team drove the success of the largest and most complex customers with his balance of business acumen and deep technology skills. Earlier in his career, Ben’s focus was in embedded systems design, both hardware and software, designing for efficiency, risk tolerance, and manufacturability. Ben holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Ben’s focus is on creating great culture, where people can thrive and create great accomplishment, and ultimately drive customer success. He enjoys cooking, hiking, mountain biking, and exploring wine regions of the world.

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