Intern Spotlight: Sabina Friden

LogicMonitor's intern spotlight, Sabina Friden, Product Marketing Intern

In between team offsites and catered lunches, our 2019 summer intern class worked on some pretty amazing projects. In part two of our “intern spotlight” series, we’ll hear from Sabina Friden, Product Marketing Intern in Santa Barbara, to learn more about how she spent her summer at LogicMonitor. 

Why did you choose LogicMonitor?

Before starting this internship, I had a small amount of knowledge of what goes into working at a growing, fast-paced SaaS company. This is partly due to my older sister, Briana, who works on the Talent Acquisition team here at LogicMonitor (I know, leave it to the recruiter to get her sister hired). What I was not aware of, however, was just how much I would learn and grow from the experience. 

What did a typical day look like?

Contrary to popular belief, I did not spend the summer fetching coffee or running errands. I was given an abundance of freedom to unleash my creativity and take the lead on important projects. On a typical day, I would spend my time polishing breakout session decks for our inaugural user conference, Level Up, creating datasheets and Confluence pages, learning about dashboards, Salesforce, Confluence, Asana, Jira, and Jamf, and sitting in on meetings. One project that I was particularly passionate about was creating a datasheet highlighting the key differentiation between Infrastructure Performance Monitoring and Application Performance Monitoring. In the performance monitoring industry, there is a common misunderstanding of the difference between the two. My job was to break down and analyze each device and establish that IPM tools are complementary devices that work well when used alongside APM tools.

What was mentorship like?

I had the opportunity to work under a small but mighty team of seasoned product marketing professionals — or as I like to call them, the power duo. Melissa and Aubrey guided me through my internship with the utmost kindness. They urged me to ask questions, share opinions, and get inventive with my projects. Not only that, but they constantly offered valuable advice and tools that were meant to be helpful outside of my role at LogicMonitor. They took a sincere interest in both my professional and personal development and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from these two. 

What will you remember most about your summer at LogicMonitor?

When asked what I will remember most about my summer spent as a Product Marketing Intern at LogicMonitor, one image quickly comes to mind — avocado toast with hard boiled eggs. You’re probably thinking, “Seriously…? You worked at a rapidly growing tech company and that’s what you remember most?”. Allow me to explain. You see, when I think about what made my summer at LogicMonitor so amazing, it’s the little moments spent getting to know and learning from the people at LogicMonitor that stand out the most. Something as simple as sharing a snack with fellow team members in the kitchen lounge (hence the avocado toast) is a perfect tribute to this unforgettable summer spent with the incredible people at LogicMonitor. 

Any additional thoughts?

LogicMonitor is a very special place! It is packed full of people who are there to inspire and challenge you. It’s a place where hard work is applauded, and people are empowered to do what they love. So, if I have any advice to give current or future LMers, it’s this: head over to the kitchen, grab a snack, and get to know the people around you — you may just learn something phenomenal! 


Sabina is a local Santa Barbarian who worked as a Product Marketing Intern at LogicMonitor. As a recent Strategic and Corporate Communication graduate from Chapman University, she spent her summer at LogicMonitor expanding her knowledge and passion for the industry by getting an in-depth look at the product side of marketing. During her free time, Sabina enjoys traveling (she spent a semester in Florence, Italy), visiting with friends and family, attending music events, and eating good food.