Investing In Our Partnership with AWS

Investing In Our Partnership with AWS

Even with a complete understanding of the benefits that come with running a hybrid environment, companies are still challenged with digital transformation best practices: what to move, when to move it, what’s being spent, how it’s performing, and what’s being overutilized and underutilized. 

This is why Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most strategic partners in LogicMonitor’s ecosystem. Many of our enterprise customers have workloads running in the cloud giant, whether they’re just experimenting or going all-in. It’s important to us at LogicMonitor to make sure we’re staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest services. With both companies being customer-obsessed, a strong partnership has always felt natural. Our shared goal is to ensure our customers are monitoring holistically, migrating securely, and optimizing effectively. 

Automatic Upgrades Every Few Weeks

We want to give the people what they want, and what they want is more. They want to see more, know more, and do more. So much so that this has become the three-core pillar that we live by at LogicMonitor. Since the beginning, LogicMonitor has been proud to release at least 15 versions per year, meaning the already impressive breadth of coverage is getting an upgrade every few weeks. This is all done automatically, without any heavy lifting required from our users. This type of continuous innovation is very much aligned with how AWS operates.  

New AWS Services

Since January 1, 2020, we’ve released 17 new LogicModules to cover AWS services, from analytics to storage products. We have also added multiple AWS regions, bringing our total number of monitored AWS services to 45. This is in addition to the 1,800 out-of-the-box monitoring templates for every other technology in a customer’s environment.

Overview Dashboard of AWS in LogicMonitor

In future blogs, expect to see “how to” posts that dive into each service, why it’s important, how to configure, and how we go beyond traditional metrics. Until then, here are a couple of the newer services we’ve added to hold you over.

AWS CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch provides rich search capabilities to websites and applications. With the monitoring templates we provide, we can capture the metrics from CloudWatch and SDK. If your environment is not autoscaling, then by tracking the index utilization and number of partitions, you can make informed decisions on whether to scale up or down. With LogicMonitor, you’ll be utilizing the forecasting feature to know if you are going to need to budget for more resources.

Cloudsearch Metrics viewable in LogicMonitor

AWS Step Functions

With AWS Step Functions you can coordinate multiple AWS services into serverless workflows, giving you more flexibility to build and update apps. To accurately monitor this service, AWS provides a good starting point. You are able to monitor and baseline execution times and time out rates of the services being used. With the historical retention of LogicMonitor and its Early Warning System, you will be able to confidently come up with a valuable baseline and threshold for alerts. Some of the Step Function specific metrics that we monitor are the state machine’s execution times and statuses. Out-of-the-box we alert if an execution aborted, timed out, failed, or throttled. 

Unlike cloud-only monitoring tools in the market, LogicMonitor supports CloudWatch services and AWS SDK. This allows LogicMonitor to report on the performance and availability of your AWS resources where it matters most — from the perspective of the servers accessing them. Adding support for CloudWatch API is easy. Just do it once, and it applies to all AWS services that have a monitoring template within LogicMonitor. 

Cut Through the Red Tape and Monitor Within Minutes

More often than not, people search for new monitoring tools because there was an outage or service disruption that should have been picked up by their existing toolset. In this scenario, the need for a platform that is trusted to keep up with the evolving technological landscape was yesterday. After teams finalize due diligence for the next tool, they don’t have the luxury to wait for legal and procurement teams to finalize redlines back and forth.

The addition of LogicMonitor’s listing on the AWS Marketplace enables customers to get their hands on our platform quicker than ever. When purchasing LogicMonitor via AWS Marketplace, buyers are able to consolidate billing and streamline the number of vendor contracts. Through AWS Private Offers, LogicMonitor sends you an agreed-upon click-through contract. Within minutes the process is complete, and LogicMonitor shows up as a line item on your next AWS bill.