Observability for State and Local Government: Top 3 Challenges and How Monitoring Can Help

Observability for State and Local Government: Top 3 Challenges and How Monitoring Can Help

State and local governments require a high level of performance and reliability for the millions of people accessing their web applications every day. The talent shortage and lack of resources to train their staff on how to use new technologies prevents them from drawing valuable insights from modern IT environments.

IT infrastructure monitoring allows state and local governments to stay ahead of technology trends and face common challenges with intelligence and transparency. With manual configuration and expensive hardware in the past, government agencies have lessened workloads and are able to achieve digital transformation initiatives.

Infrastructure, Process Automation, and Enabling a Hybrid Workforce 

The shift to remote work and contactless services has driven the need to modernize the front-end services that residents touch and the back-end processes that support them. Remote work is here to stay. Now the open question is how does IT support and enable individuals to work efficiently long term?

Connectivity, Access, and Securing the “New Edge”

Ensuring that both communities and individuals have connectivity and the access that they need is a priority in the industry. How do CISOs and IT leaders secure the second wave in cybersecurity, where everyone is home and sharing networks with children on distance learning at the same time? How do you regain visibility and security control?

Operational and Managing Data With Budget and Cost Control

The importance of business analytics is on the rise, not just for contact tracing, but across all verticals and IT endeavors. How do companies unify and streamline disparate toolsets to drive down the total cost of ownership? 

Redefining Organizational Management, Roles, and Skills

When we look at the remote and in-person workforce, what skill sets, training, roles, and hiring practices will evolve to meet this new reality? Teams need to rapidly adapt and support new cases with technology. 

Challenges Faced by State and Local Government

Modernizing Public Services and Improving Application Performance at Scale

As government agencies seek to modernize their services, they face the challenge of safely replacing legacy systems that no longer meet their needs, and learning how to manage new, highly distributed infrastructure at scale. Government organizations have a unique responsibility to maintain a high level of performance for critical services across both cloud-based and hybrid environments.

Ensuring the Reliability of All Community Services

From mobile Medicare management applications to civic engagement platforms that enable local governments to efficiently organize community boards, millions of people access web applications supporting public services every day. This generates massive volumes of data that legacy systems oftentimes struggle to accommodate.

Standardizing Monitoring Across Organizations and Talent Shortage

Often, state and local companies lack adoption across new or multiple monitoring platform(s) as historical or institutional knowledge to learn from previous actions is not recorded. New and more junior teams find modern IT environments overwhelming and are not trained on how to properly communicate insights from monitoring solutions. 

State and local companies lack the resources to train both IT staff and end-users about proprietary technology. New employees can’t draw valuable insights from modern IT environments because of poor alert curation, broken configurations, and a lack of recorded operational tips.

LogicMonitor Solution for State and Local Government

Helping Businesses Drive Innovation by Consolidating and Standardizing Monitoring for On-Premise and Cloud Environments

LogicMonitor provides comprehensive visibility into dynamic IT environments for your networks, cloud, applications, servers, log data, and more. Data correlation provides insights for intelligent troubleshooting and predicting bottlenecks to scale IT investments and control operational costs enabling enterprises to consolidate and streamline their observability estates. 

Extensive Breadth of Coverage Across Complex IT Infrastructure

LogicMonitor’s agentless approach delivers an extensible solution with over 2,000 workflow and ecosystem integrations and unlimited dashboards. Automated discovery of new devices paired with intelligent alerting maximizes infrastructure health and performance by providing automated resolutions for Ops. Monitor resource utilization, network usage and performance, and other critical infrastructure metrics with support for:

  • Networks and networking gear
  • Cloud and container resources
  • Servers, storage, and databases
  • Websites and synthetic transactions
  • SaaS services essential for remote work
  • Applications, IoT devices, and more

Data Governance: Transparency, Open Data

LogicMonitor provides instant access to contextualized and correlated logs and metrics in a single, unified cloud-based platform with infinite log retention and hot storage that democratizes logs access to maximize data hygiene, and internal compliance initiatives.

Rapid and Automatic Deployment and Configuration for Efficient Monitoring and Lessened Workloads 

Get the answers you need to solve problems faster with LogicMonitor’s fully automated platform. Our agentless collectors automatically discover, map, and set baselines for complex and distributed infrastructure in a matter of minutes. Put the manual configuration and expensive hardware behind you and ensure quicker time to train and lessened workloads on IT staff. 

Visibility for Teams to Modernize Public Services and Improve Application Performance at Scale

LogicMonitor prevents context switching with a single view of application services, performance, and infrastructure. LogicMonitor empowers teams to gather, track, trace, and measure application and infrastructure performance so they can achieve digital transformation initiatives with business outcomes – delivered via LogicMonitor’s AI-Powered Hybrid Observability Platform.

One Platform for Hybrid Observability


Single platform for ITOps and DevOps that eliminates data silos and tracks metrics that matter. 100% built on OpenTelemetry and OpenMetrics allowing for a vendor-neutral approach to better understand the user experience and accelerate business transformation.


Log intelligence at scale – instant access to contextualized and correlated logs and metrics in a single, unified cloud-based platform. With tiered retention options, including unlimited retention, and hot storage to optimize data hygiene and internal compliance initiatives.


Gather application traces seamlessly with quick and simple implementation. Filter and highlight error occurrences or bottlenecks and transition to underlying resource performance for faster troubleshooting.