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Kevin McGibben, Executive Chairman at LogicMonitor

Kevin McGibben

As we head into a bright new year, I can’t help but reflect on the past. 2021 was a milestone year! We achieved record growth, surpassing $150 million in annual recurring revenues (ARR) – a symbolic milestone in the cloud software market. In total we’ve grown 300 percent organically over a three year stretch. A thousand employee families now consider LogicMonitor home. And more than 75,000 users spanning thousands of companies use the LogicMonitor platform. 

I joined LogicMonitor in 2011 as the 6th employee. Over eleven years, our team has transformed this company from start up into what I believe is the global leader in the IT observability market. We’ve built a well-differentiated, powerful and future-proof technology platform built on our foundation of best-in-class ITIM expertise. We’ve added log intelligence to our platform, and we’re blazing forward to establish a new phase of LogicMonitor unified capability with our modern APM and synthetics solutions. All of this with an AI-forward approach to building intelligent products.

The willingness to always change, evolve, push forward and build into the next phase of our opportunity is a hallmark of LogicMonitor’s business and a key part of its success. And it’s on this incredible high note – record revenues, customers, and sustained product innovation – that I announce that I’ve passed the reins of LogicMonitor over to Christina Kosmowski as our new CEO! 

I have full confidence in Christina’s ability to be a great CEO. I worked actively with Christina in her role as LogicMonitor President over the past year to prepare for the CEO transition. She arrived here with incredible operational and strategic know-how developed through holding key roles for two decades at hypergrowth companies Salesforce and Slack. Christina led LogicMonitor’s 2021 acceleration – and she now leads this great company into its next chapter of growth. 

In my new role as Executive Chairman I look forward to helping guide the company in a different, albeit less-visible way, continuing on as a member of our Board of Directors. I love this company, our customers, the technology, and most of all, our LM team. It’ll be fun to serve you all in a new capacity while I support Christina as she leads us to fulfill our promise.

Thank you LM Community – past, present and future. I can’t wait to see what you all accomplish next. Get after it!


Kevin McGibben is Executive Chairman at LogicMonitor

Kevin McGibben

Executive Chairman

Kevin is the Executive Chairman at LogicMonitor, where he is responsible for leading the SaaS company’s vision of enabling IT transformation and establishing LogicMonitor as a leading global infrastructure software vendor. Prior to LogicMonitor, Kevin established himself as an entrepreneur and built deep experience in expanding technology business globally. He’s held positions in international marketing, channel development, and general management at technology companies including Fujistu, TEKELEC, and CIDCO. Kevin holds bachelor and MBA degrees from the University of Arizona.

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