Town Hall Reflections: How DE&I Work Resonates Within LogicMonitor

Town Hall Reflections: How DE&I Work Resonates Within LogicMonitor

In February we hosted our first Town Hall fully focused on our diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Community group leaders from our People of Color@LM, Women@LM, and Pride@LM groups discussed important topics, such as correct pronoun usage, initiatives for internal promotion of diverse employees, anonymous reporting options, and benefits for marginalized employees and their families. They also answered employee questions, discussed highlights from the last year, and announced exciting plans for the future. It’s important to know how these public discussions impact our employees so we asked them! Here’s what they had to say:

“Overall, I’m proud to see what we accomplished this past year, and the amount of passion that went into our events, activities, and broader company objectives. And it wasn’t just talk. New benefits went into place, like trans healthcare and fertility coverage. This was possible because our company was open to listening and turning our feedback into real changes.” -Lisa Bengiovanni , Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition

“It’s so refreshing to hear a company openly discuss the ‘f word’ – feminism!” -Caroline Rentz, Mid-Market Account Executive

“I feel excited to be part of the groups. The Town Hall was very informative and had a lot of useful information, especially since it was my first week here. I love seeing how diverse and inclusive LM is and how focused it is on ensuring a welcoming environment for all employees to bring their full selves to work.” -Brandon Davis, Director, Analyst Relations

“The town hall demonstrated that the culture at LM is really driven by all the employees and everyone has a meaningful opportunity to help shape the community groups that speak to them. It’s also awesome that at LM we have an executive team that not only believes in diversity but actually reflects it.” -Rishika Ramireddy, Business Systems Analyst

“I am proud to be a part of a company that promotes our authenticity. When we feel comfortable with each other we can develop trust and belonging. Being comfortable enough to announce your identity to the whole company is inspiring!!” -Kristin Guerra, Manager, Revenue Accounting