What It Means to Be Green at LogicMonitor

What It Means to Be Green at LogicMonitor

Green. Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Reusable. Compostable. These are some of the trending phrases you hear when discussing our environment and the future care of our precious resources. At LogicMonitor, we recognize that as a company, we have to increase our sustainability efforts and reduce our footprint on this earth. We are a small but mighty team that is eager to adopt smart new ways to ensure we are properly taking care of our Mother Earth for future generations.

The Evolution of LM Green

Over the years, LM has had many passionate employees who have challenged us to put eco-friendly practices in place at our offices. We have learned that you can examine any system, product, or way of doing things with a ‘green lens’. You can make anything more sustainable by being conscious of the sources, examining what pieces are involved, and using (and reusing) recycled materials to ensure you have reputable sources. For example, every time I purchase something for the office I consider production location, materials used (plastic, glass, etc.), how far it traveled, if the company is active in sustainable and green efforts, and so forth. Yes, it will take more time in the beginning, but the payoffs are longer lasting than your lifetime here on earth and that’s the ultimate reward. There is much research out there that proves that your business can experience financial returns sooner when going green.

LM’s green efforts started with setting up composting in our offices. Surprisingly, this can be quite the feat when you are a tenant of a shared building, but not impossible! We brought in various resources, such as city officials, to educate us on what can be properly recycled and composted at the office and in your home and also shared tips on how we can be more conscious of what we are consuming. We continued our efforts by purchasing recycled and reusable office products, sourcing produce locally, and moving away from single-use plastics.  This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do!

What LM Green Is Now 

Our ever-evolving efforts have now been structured and built out with long-term objectives and goals in mind, creating a strategy that will excel with our continuous efforts. This is an effort that will evolve with new information and best practices, it’s not a one-and-done thing.

We have created our ESG (Environmental Social Governance) Program in the last year, which focuses on more than just environmental initiatives as the acronym states. All three of these categories are heavily intertwined. Some of our specific environmental initiatives include:

  • Social: 
    • LM Green Community Group
    • Community trash clean up days 
    • Eco-friendly buying guide
    • Eco-friendly challenges
  • Governance: 
    • ESG policies 
    • The rise of stakeholder awareness and requests for ESG scorecards
    • LM aligns with UN SDG Goals
    • Supplier alignment with LM ESG policy
  • Facilities 
    • Greenhouse gas measurement and reduction goals
    • Compost and compostable dishware/utensils
    • Move away from plastics and harmful materials
    • Eating healthy, less meat, and more vegetarian options for company-sponsored meals
    • Reducing energy use in all office and co-working spaces

Outlook for LM Green

These efforts will be continuous and ever-evolving, which is both an exciting and daunting endeavor to undertake. It is not only essential but necessary if we want to combat long-term (and potentially irreversible) damage to the resources that we fully depend on. At LogicMonitor, we strive to continuously improve ourselves in every way and there is no shortage of this for our Green efforts. 

6 images of LogicMonitor's LM Green initiatives showing different plants and foods.
A house with plants growing in the backyard.
A collage of LM Green initiatives at LogicMonitor
A collage of plants grown by LogicMonitor employees.
Plants in pots from LogicMonitor employees

When we are a part of a world with so much consumerism based on old industrial practices, the future can look grim, but every person can make a change, no matter how small. Those changes will eventually create a shift on a larger scale and will benefit our lives and future generations.