LogicMonitor is excited to announce the rollout of phase one of the new LogicMonitor platform user interface (UI) -- the new and improved alerts page on Thursday, October 17!
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LogicMonitor for DevOps Teams & Web-Commerce Companies

LogicMonitor empowers DevOps teams and web-commerce companies to proactively monitor the availability and performance of their critical IT infrastructure to achieve optimal performance and uptime.

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“LogicMonitor installed quickly and immediately identified issues hidden from our existing systems. It's a must have.”
- David Devault, Director of Operations, iControlNetworks

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hypervisor monitoring

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hypervisor monitoring

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End-to-End Visibility

Monitor on-premise devices alongside your cloud infrastructure, for a unified-view of your IT performance from QA-to-production. Immediately see the impact of code changes and new features on your business generating applications.

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1500+ Technologies Supported

The LogicMonitor platform includes pre-built LogicModule templates to automate monitoring and alerting of infrastructure and applications -- out of the box, so your team doesn’t need to be an expert on every app or technology out there.

  • Easily write your own LogicModules to extend monitoring to your custom metrics and devices.

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End User Experience Testing

Set and forget website monitoring or web application response time monitoring to ensure your customers are delighted with every click.

  • Use the LogicMonitor SiteMonitor service to test performance from multiple locations around the world from outside your network.

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Fast Deployment Built for Scalability

IT Teams should focus on core business, not building and managing the monitoring solution. Easily add devices into monitoring with network scan, bulk add, or orchestration using your DevOps tool of choice. As you grow, LogicMonitor’s SaaS architecture makes it easy to add devices into monitoring.

  • Easy to extend monitoring as your business grows
  • Seamlessly fits into your existing IT environment
  • No dedicated hardware required


The Collector is All You Need

No hardware is required. One LogicMonitor Collector does the job of 100s of agents and 1000s of plugins.

Automation Ensures Reliability

Take human error out of the equation. LogicMonitor’s ActiveDiscovery engine ensures everything that should be monitored is.


SaaS Architecture Equals More Productivity

Stop wasting time trying to use clunky monitoring tools. With LogicMonitor you get all benefits of on-premise monitoring without the management and hassle.

  • Dynamic scalability; resources added based on demand
  • Benefit from our granular storage engine
  • No CAPEX or systems admin overhead


Performance Insights Unify your Team

With LogicMonitor’s best practices, everyone on your team is an expert in monitoring. Achieve reliable uptime, faith in your application, and confidence in your systems.


Visuals that Empower Decision Making

Utilize dashboards, topology mapping, forecasting, predictive alerting, and customizable reporting to elevate visibility into IT performance. Become proactive with your monitoring and resolve issues before they affect your end users.

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Integrate with Key Tools, Workflows and Applications

Streamline workflows by activating our built-in workflow integrations like Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, ServiceNow, and Slack.

  • Write your own integration using LogicMonitor’s API.
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