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Retune Reduces Customer Onboarding Time From 80 Hours to 1 Hour With LogicMonitor

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MSP (Managed Service Provider)


Retune is one of Sweden’s leading IT companies. Retune offers expertise in cloud services, IT infrastructure, and consulting to both national and global companies. Since 2011, its focus has been on elevating its customers with the latest technologies and creating a cost-effective IT environment with a low on-premise footprint.

Prior to using LogicMonitor, Retune was using a monitoring tool that wasn’t suitable for Managed Service Providers and required eight servers for monitoring. Onboarding new customers was a slow process, there were too many alerts, and integration was difficult. The previous monitoring tool was also unable to scale with Retune’s growth.

“We had a system that we could not rely on and we didn’t feel like we had control of it,” explained Nicklas Karlsson, Concept and Service Developer at Retune. “We needed a more scalable platform to grow into that allowed us to build our own packages and didn’t require us to manage the back end.”

LogicMonitor is by far the best agentless monitoring system that I’ve seen, and I looked at a lot of them.

Nicklas Karlsson Concept and Service Developer, Retune


After assessing the top monitoring platforms, Retune selected LogicMonitor. “LogicMonitor is by far the best agentless monitoring system that I’ve seen, and I looked at a lot of them,” explained Karlsson. LogicMonitor’s cloud-based monitoring platform goes hand in hand with Retune’s strategy to lower its customers’ on-premise footprint, make their environment more effective, and lower their costs through the cloud.

Retune was drawn to LogicMonitor’s single pane of glass that provides visibility for its customers. “Even the big hosting partners have 10-12 different monitoring systems. We liked the fact that LogicMonitor allows customers to see everything in one place and access their own dashboards. That wasn’t possible with our other monitoring system,” said Karlsson.

I would highly recommend LogicMonitor to other Managed Service Providers. There is not a tool out there in the monitoring market that has the same integration possibilities.

Nicklas Karlsson Concept and Service Developer, Retune


After implementing LogicMonitor, Retune has been able to automate many of its workflows. Invoicing is now one hundred percent automated and the data is sent straight into the ERP system. “It’s very easy for us to automate things in the LogicMonitor platform. We use Power BI for our customer reports and can now gather all of the information we need based on data from the API. The possibilities are endless,” said Karlsson.

With LogicMonitor’s automation capabilities, maintenance and administration times have also decreased substantially. “LogicMonitor helped us reduce our administration time by seventy percent, maybe higher,” said Karlsson. “We also had a lot of maintenance before on our monitoring system and now it is only maintenance on the LogicMonitor collectors. About ninety percent of the maintenance has gone away.”

Automating workflows has helped Retune increase its bottom line and improve its go-to-market strategy. Retune built everything associated with LogicMonitor in a highly scalable way, so that every customer, regardless of size, gets the same treatment, the same agreement, and the same onboarding process. “LogicMonitor has helped us significantly reduce the time between when we have an agreement with a customer to when we go into production,” explained Karlsson.

Previously, onboarding a new customer took 40-80 hours or more depending on the size of the customer. Customer onboarding now only takes one hour with LogicMonitor. To speed up the process, Retune built an automatic deployment system and used Dell hardware to build an appliance for the collectors. “We can get up and running in about twenty minutes now. That’s a significant decrease in implementation time,” noted Karlsson.

In order to reduce service disruptions for its customers, Retune is utilizing anomaly detection, which is part of LogicMonitor’s AIOps Early Warning System. Anomaly detection illuminates patterns, provides context, and only sends alerts when they are meaningful. Retune can set baselines for its customers, see when something is out of range, and set dynamic thresholds to generate alerts. “LogicMonitor’s anomaly detection is so easy to set up and it allows us to be more proactive with our customers and react to issues sooner,” said Karlsson. “It puts us ahead of our competition and LogicMonitor’s integration with our other systems is a differentiator for us.”

Looking forward, Retune is planning to continue its momentum in increasing efficiency and automation across the business for its customers. “I would highly recommend LogicMonitor to other Managed Service Providers. There is not a tool out there in the monitoring market that has the same integration possibilities that you can build from the ground up,” concluded Karlsson.