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Focus on business critical services

Today’s services are complex and often comprised of geographically dispersed and ephemeral resources. LM Service Insight enables you to focus on the health and performance of the overall service, regardless of changes in underlying resources.

Identify trends in
application performance

It can be challenging to maintain data continuity with the complexity of modern applications. LM Service Insight aggregates data across resources supporting a common application to provide long-term views into how that application performs over time.

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Sevice Insight features

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Troubleshoot faster

Quickly drill down from overall service performance data to the individual performance data for underlying resources, to make troubleshooting faster than ever.

Keep your team informed

Dynamic grouping for resources supporting a common service makes it simpler to manage and schedule downtime for just those resources.

Troubleshoot faster

At-a-glance status dashboards are automatically created for each of your services, making it easier to share information and keep your team informed.

Reduce alert noise

Distinguish service-impacting alerts from non-service impacting alerts, and reduce how often you get woken up in the middle of the night.

Identify performance trends

Pre-configured alert thresholds ensure that you receive meaningful alerts right from the start, and help you to proactively prevent downtime.

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Understand overall service health

Out of the box dashboards provide deeper insight and will help you identify how you can optimize your cluster.

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We find LM Service Insight extremely useful for capacity planning. We are able to track when a node class is using too much memory or other resource, and receive an immediate alert on it. We no longer have to wait for the node or the device itself to issue an alert.

Joseph Fender

IT System Engineer, Q2ebanking

service-oriented monitoring

Understand overall service health and performance

LM Service Insight enables you to dynamically group resources together that support a common service. Key performance indicators are aggregated across these grouped resources to provide monitoring for the health and performance of the service as a whole.

Easy SLA Calculations

Quickly Measure SLA Conformance for your Overall Service

LM Service Insight calculates SLA conformance with data that reflects the health of your overall service, instead of calculating based on the availability of individual underlying resources, so you can make sure you’re measuring what matters.

Service-aware alerting

Reduce noise by identifying service-impacting alerts

With LM Service Insight you can monitor overall service health in addition to underlying resources. This enables you to distinguish service-impacting alerts from non-service impacting alerts, and reduce how often you get woken up in the middle of the night.

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