Anatomy of DataSource: A Customer Success Webinar Series

Do you get stumped by DataSources? Want to impress your peers with SNMP troubleshooting skills? Or know how to monitor more technology? Your LogicMonitor Customer Success team has heard your pleas and we are eager to share our expertise.

In this three-part webinar series, “Anatomy of a DataSource”, we go under the hood of LogicMonitor and show you how to create SNMP, JDBC, and HTTP DataSources.

You’ll learn best practices for managing and troubleshooting SNMP along with creating a JDBC DataSource that connects with the most widely-used databases and can run any valid SQL query.

Using the custom HTTP DataSource, we will demonstrate the concept of adding a website as a “device” for the purpose of extracting and storing time-series metrics. We’ll also cover the three methods DataSources use to handle instances, and review how and when to use each method.

Register below to join us for one, two, or all three webinars to expand your DataSource knowledge and participate in a Q&A session with our resident guru, Michael Rodrigues. 

Part I: SNMP DataSources
Date: August 15th at 1pm CT
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Part II: Custom HTTP DataSource
Date: September 5th at 1pm CT
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Part III: JDBC DataSources

Date: September 19th at 1pm CT
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Presented By: 

Victoria Odean
Victoria is the Manager of Training and Certification at LogicMonitor. She focuses on helping LogicMonitor’s customers understand the inner workings of the product through training videos, webinars and live training events. On a clear night, you might find Victoria outside stargazing with a star chart and her telescope.

Kurt Huffman
Kurt is a Technical Trainer at LogicMonitor, developing training materials and leading sessions for both internal and external customers. A former science editor and IT support engineer, he enjoys the challenge of explaining technical topics clearly, concisely, and accurately. Kurt spends his free time playing electric bass, sampling local craft beers, and structuring interesting word usements.

Mike Aracic
Mike is a Training Engineer at LogicMonitor. He ensures that training materials follow industry and LogicMonitor best practices, and creates and maintains lab environments for realistic hands-on learning and demonstration. With a background in software development and systems integration, he enjoys solving tough problems. When he’s not in front of a computer screen, he can usually be found enjoying the outdoors or making works of art with ceramics or electronics.

Michael Rodrigues
As an engineer on the Product Technology Team, Michael expands and improves LogicMonitor’s vast catalog of LogicModules. Previously, Michael managed array of IT services and a support team at the University of California. When he’s not glued to a computer at work, you might find him glued to a computer at home playing with cryptocurrencies.

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