Embracing Change, the Continued Evolution of the Service Provider


My son is a senior in high school. You can’t have a child at that stage and not get contemplative, both about how much they have grown and, to a lesser degree, about your time when you were their age. It is amazing to see the growth they have made and, let’s face it, kind of embarrassing to think about ourselves back in their day! What was up with the Members Only jackets and acid washed jeans anyway?

In the same way, our industry has grown so much in the past 15-20 years. Many of us were working at Service Providers (SPs) even before they were called SPs! With growth comes change and I recently made a big change when I left one of the top Service Providers in the country, TekLinks, to lead the Service Provider business unit at LogicMonitor. Throughout my 15 years in the SP space, I’ve watched the industry grow, evolve, and adapt. At TekLinks, we grew from a traditional VAR to one of the top SPs in the country. I’ve also had the opportunity to watch IT Nation grow from a medium-sized conference for very specific users to a huge, must-attend SP industry show. While the industry growth has been great, there is still uncertainty about a clear way forward. Service Providers are asking questions like:

  • How do I differentiate my service offerings?
  • How do I manage this increased complexity? The customer environments I manage used to be in a single 42U rack at their office. Now, they have workloads spread out across Azure, Amazon, and other platforms (or they are considering that approach). 
  • Additionally, as customers distribute their workloads, how do I have visibility into these disparate systems in order to really effectively manage the unified user experience?

Most SPs are beginning to wrestle with these questions and the answers will seriously impact their service delivery model (if they haven’t already).

One of the typical questions that event attendees have on their mind is “what is next and how do I fit in?”. The answer to that lies in the reason that I left a great job at a successful company to come to LogicMonitor. LogicMonitor is well-positioned to help SPs take advantage of where technology is going. The platform is uniquely built to provide visibility into the health and performance of all parts of IT infrastructure, including public clouds. This visibility provides SPs with a clear picture of what is going on irrespective of the complexity of the environment. As customer environments become distributed, complex, and opaque, LogicMonitor is perfectly situated to help SPs overcome those challenges by providing a unified view that is simple and clear.

While it is great that the platform can effectively address the changing needs of SPs, LogicMonitor realized that they need to help the SP community move forward and lay out a vision for what the sophisticated SP of the future should offer to their customers. As an industry veteran with experience from three of the top 40 SPs in the world, LogicMonitor felt that I was uniquely equipped to help advocate on behalf of the SP community and lay out an executable vision for where the industry needs to go – to MSP 3.0, if you will. While LogicMonitor is a component of this new SP model, it is also much more than that. LogicMonitor’s enablement of orchestration, automation, monitoring, actionable data, operational leverage, and sales transformation all work together to enable MSP 3.0.

As we look to IT Nation this week, we want to share the LogicMonitor story for you to hear — it’s an exciting one. But, more importantly, we want to engage with the SPs attending the event that are looking for “what is next and how do I fit in?”. The old adage “a rising tide lifts all ships” could not be more applicable. We need the entire SP community to not only survive, but thrive in the next generation of managed services. We are confident with our thinking on where things are going. We are confident that there is a way forward for those that are positioned to capitalize on the opportunity.

I encourage you to stop by our IT Nation booth (#110) to chat with us about the industry. Every industry is being disrupted all the time. Disruption creates opportunity. We all need to transform to ensure that we don’t become Blockbuster in an era of Netflix. Come by so we can discuss how we can all get better and grow as we meet the new challenges in the marketplace. And, if you have already had a child go off to college, maybe you can give me some advice for what I have ahead of me!

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