Airbrake Identifies Most Common Software Error Trends in New Research Report

Airbrake Identifies Most Common Software Error Trends in New Research Report

Around 5% of all projects produce multiple thousands of errors every month

AUSTIN, Texas, March 3, 2022 – Airbrake, an award-winning, developer-centric application error and performance monitoring product that is part of LogicMonitor’s unified observability portfolio, today published a new research report titled The 2022 Airbrake Error Data Report. The report reveals common software error trends associated with specific programming languages and is based on nearly 2 billion errors from 12,375 Airbrake projects over the past year. Research firm IDC predicts that by 2025, nearly two-thirds of enterprises will be prolific software producers — with code deployed daily and over 90% of new apps developed as cloud native. Airbrake’s new report offers insight into error patterns that can impact developer efficiency and quality and offers suggestions on best practices enterprises can adopt to improve the quality of their applications and boost end user satisfaction.

“Since 2009, Airbrake has provided tens of thousands of developers with insights into how their code is behaving and failing in production,” said Goran Sandahl, Growth Director, Airbrake. “We are excited to share the patterns we have witnessed over the years in this new data-based error report. With today’s continued focus on no-code tools and new computing paradigms like web3, it is obvious that most code is yet to be written. This means it is important that we as a community continue to highlight best practices and insights like the ones exposed in this report, and help every developer adopt monitoring as early as possible in their project lifecycles.”

Key findings from the 2022 Airbrake Error Data Report include: 

  • Around 5% of all projects produce multiple thousands of errors every month 
  • One-third of all software projects fix their errors in less than two weeks

When examining common errors that occur in individual coding languages, Airbrake found that:

  • 75.7% of all Java projects contain java.lang.NullPointerExceptions
  • 57% of all Golang Projects contain *errors.errorString
  • 53.3% of all Ruby projects contain *NoMethodError
  • 28.3% of all Python projects contain a ConnectionError
  • 19.3% of all JavaScript projects contain a SecurityError

Airbrake’s platform takes continuous integration and continuous development to the next level by revealing real-time application errors, combining code-scanning and error-logging before it reaches the end-user. The product increases the velocity at which companies can release high quality applications, reduces development costs and improves customer retention. Airbrake customers include the world’s leading streaming entertainment services, digital home security monitoring, and customer service and engagement platforms. Airbrake was acquired by LogicMonitor in 2021 and was recently recognized as a 2022 DEVIES Award winner for App Analytics/Testing. 

Read the full copy of Airbrake’s new research report, The 2022 Airbrake Error Data Report, here.

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