LogicMonitor Acquires Airbrake to Accelerate Performance Monitoring and Unified Observability Roadmap

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., February 23, 2021 – LogicMonitor, the leading cloud-based infrastructure monitoring and observability platform, today announced that it has acquired Airbrake, a developer-centric application error and performance monitoring company. The acquisition will extend LogicMonitor’s award-winning ITIM platform into developer environments and will enable customers to gain visibility into continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) workflows while reducing risk to ensure that every code release delivers a flawless customer experience.

“Our product vision has always been to equip enterprises and service providers with the industry’s most comprehensive, extensible and intelligent performance monitoring and observability platform to help them deliver exceptional customer experiences,” said Kevin McGibben, CEO of LogicMonitor. “LogicMonitor is committed to helping our customers and partners meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing technology landscape and gain visibility into the end-to-end technology performance that drives their organization, regardless of what tech stack their business is built on. Today’s acquisition of Airbrake marks the latest step in our journey towards unified observability.”

Airbrake was founded in 2008 and is based in the Bay Area. The company was created to solve problems of code and performance issues impacting production environments, and received a funding round in 2020 led by Elsewhere Partners. Hundreds of engineering teams at enterprises ranging from Ring, Adobe, SoundCloud to MyFitnessPal use Airbrake today. Airbrake’s cloud-based, agentless solution enables developers, QA, Engineering and DevOps teams to:

  • Access on-demand application error and performance monitoring, plus automatic real-time user experience insights for fast-moving test, staging, and production environments.
  • Detect errors in the early stages of development and fix them continuously throughout the code pipeline to increase speed of delivery while ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Improve delivery of complex products while reducing risk with frictionless code deployments and automated analysis and troubleshooting for microservices-based applications.
  • Gain deep code and user experience insights into a wide variety of web and mobile applications with coverage for 20+ front end and back end programming languages, including Node, Go, Python and Ruby on Rails.
  • Keep code and user data secure with industry-leading protocols and protections.

“We’re very optimistic about what LogicMonitor’s acquisition of Airbrake means for customers. Having infrastructure monitoring, logs, and error and performance monitoring accessible within a single observability platform is the ideal solution for a global organization like ours,” said Oscar Garcia, Senior Vice President, Managed Services & Platform Automation, NTT. “LogicMonitor and Airbrake coming together will result in a platform that will give teams the ability to detect bugs and prioritize code fixes in the early stages of the software development life cycle, and will enable businesses to reduce outages and maintain the SaaS-based applications instrumental to today’s digital business operations.”

The Airbrake acquisition marks the second acquisition in just over a year for LogicMonitor, who also acquired Stockholm-based log analytics company Unomaly in January 2020. The terms of the Airbrake transaction will not be disclosed.

To learn more about Airbrake’s capabilities, visit LogicMonitor’s Airbrake page. To try Airbrake for free, visit airbrake.io


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