Constellation Report: A CIO’s Guide to Observability

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit several years ago, many businesses increased their IT budgets in an effort to ramp up their digital capabilities and deliver always-on services. But in a post-pandemic landscape, many of those businesses faced significant budget cuts and relentless demand for more efficient IT operations. This necessary shift has caused challenges for leaders everywhere who introduced numerous tools and resources to keep up with pandemic demand for digital maturity. For those looking to eliminate tool sprawl and maintain full visibility into system health and performance – without losing resources – unified observability is a necessary step towards more mature IT operations.

In this report, Andy Thurai dives into:

  • Common challenges that most CIOs experience in a period of “forced digital maturity”
  • An overview of observability (O11y) and why it matters
  • How to execute practical O11y
  • How an observability solution can mature digital operations

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