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How Hain Celestial Group Streamlined IT and Slashed Costs with LogicMonitor and AWS

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Hain Celestial Group, a leader in organic and healthy food products, marks its 30th anniversary with a robust portfolio of over 20 distinguished brands. Operating in North America, Europe, and the UK, Hain Celestial is committed to fostering a healthier lifestyle through its diverse range of products. Despite their success, their IT infrastructure needed a significant upgrade to keep pace with their expansive product lineup and global reach.

The existing monitoring system was unreliable and difficult for the team to utilize effectively. It often produced inconsistent alerts, leading to uncertainty and operational inefficiencies, especially during critical situations like server outages. To address these challenges, Hain Celestial needed a solution that was robust, comprehensive, user-friendly, and adaptable to their diverse technological ecosystem.

Overcoming IT Monitoring Challenges with LogicMonitor

The introduction of LogicMonitor was a game-changer for Hain. It provided rapid, detailed insights, allowing swift identification and resolution of IT issues. The platform’s versatility and comprehensive data storage capabilities significantly reduced troubleshooting time and helped avoid high-priority incidents. This proactive management of potential issues was critical in maintaining uninterrupted operations and adhering to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Substantial Financial Benefits and Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Integrating LogicMonitor’s cloud monitoring capabilities into Hain’s infrastructure led to more than just technical improvements. It offered real-time visibility into their IT spending and resource utilization, resulting in a remarkable reduction of over 60% in monthly IT expenditures. The platform’s logging capabilities simplified complex troubleshooting processes, enhancing operational agility.

Charting a Future of Optimized Monitoring and Growth

Looking forward, Hain aims to expand their use of LogicMonitor to standardize monitoring across their global organization. This will involve capturing operational expense information and maximizing the platform’s logging capabilities for greater insight and efficiency.

This strategic partnership with LogicMonitor has also been pivotal in their ongoing journey towards organizational excellence and innovation. Through LogicMonitor’s support, Hain Celestial Group has reinforced its commitment to maintaining a sustainable, cost-effective business model while paving the way for future growth and technological advancements.