Infrastructure Monitoring with LM Envision

See how we can modernize your approach to infrastructure monitoring now

See LM Envision in action

LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring platform is a breeze to set up and scale with your entire environment. In this demo, Sales Engineer Stuart Carrison discusses the LogicMonitor architecture, how data is collected, logs, and some of our powerful features.

Features covered include:

  • Forecasting data to see potential upcoming trends
  • Anomaly detection and alert suppression
  • Creating new dashboards and using pre-built ones
  • Log analytics data to help find and fix problems faster
SQL servers


See the future, today.

LM Envision uses historical numbers to provide insight into looking ahead at most likely outputs for your devices, automatically.


Dependency Mapping

Troubleshoot faster when you see the whole picture.

See how LogicMonitor gathers information about your entire infrastructure, and uses that data to map dependencies, providing clarity when you need it most.