Case Study

LogicMonitor Helps Logicalis Make the Complex Simple for Customers

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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

The Situation

Logicalis is a global information and communications technology (ICT) Infrastructure and Service provider (MSP), offering services for Cloud, SD Wan, Containers, DB’s and more to their customers around the world. Before LogicMonitor, onboarding a customer would take up to a month and involved a very lengthy process where level 1 engineers manually deployed and configured devices and relied heavily on Level 2 or 3 engineers for advice on thresholds. This time consuming process led to many inconsistencies and gaps in monitoring, as well as a delay in time to value, a very important factor in their highly competitive MSP industry. 

The Solution

Logicalis began to use LM’s discovery function to deploy and automatically apply data sources, thus eliminating the manual work for the L1 engineering team. In addition, they also leveraged the out-of-the-box thresholds to eliminate their reliance on L2 and L3 teams to dramatically reduce the risk of things slipping through the cracks during configuration. 

The Results

The new approach with LogicMonitor made for a more efficient onboarding process for Logicalis’s customers. Their head of Monitoring and Observability Solutions said, “We onboarded a large customer and the results were amazing. Previously our initial set up was a minimum of one month, our team was already expecting this onboarding process to take a month and a half. With LogicMonitor, it took us only a week.” She added, “the technical team has become more comfortable with the LogicMonitor Discovery capabilities and our quality of delivery has increased significantly! The best thing about LogicMonitor is the ability to apply the Monitoring Templates automatically.”

LogicMonitor allows you to go well beyond infrastructure, it allows you to go up the stack into the hypervisor layer, into the container layer, into the application layer, the database layer, and out into cloud left to right and it also has security monitoring.

Tadhg Cashman Services Director, Logicalis