Manufacturing Platform Demo

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Want to learn how to automatically correlate data from every endpoint to optimize your IT environment? Join us for a platform demo, as we walk through our agentless, SaaS-based solution.

Topics covered include:

  • Simplifying the convergence between IT and OT
  • Deployment and dashboard configuration
  • Metric collection and anomaly detection
  • Customizable dynamic thresholds
  • Template creation for monitoring various elements including PLCs and VFDs

Improve uptime and reduce outages of critical infrastructure

Improve uptime and reduce outages within your business by centralizing alerting, reducing alert noise and identifying the root cause of an issue. Allow for quicker remediation of faults before they impact your service.

Intelligent automation & RPA

Automate repetitive processes with RPA around order processing and logistical operations. Further, apply RPA to other time consuming processes to drive better employee satisfaction and productivity.

This dashboard provides an a listing of various metrics that are monitored for Azure Inventory. The metrics displayed are counts for all aspects of the Azure environmet

Maintain uptime of digital twin enviroments

Accomplish advancement with LogicMonitor’s IoT and AI to mirror physical environments in a digital framework. Achieve product innovation by improving processes, reducing downtime and waste, improving customer experience, and ensuring these models are populated with the right data.