MSP 3.0- The Next Generation of Service Provider

LogicMonitor Whitepaper

Does one of these situations apply to your business? You started as a VAR, but over time, you realized there was a need to move to a recurring model, so you began to build an MSP. Then you reached the point that so many MSPs do, where you couldn’t scale the business. Or maybe you have found a way to scale your business, have a significant amount of recurring revenue, but realize there is a constant evolution taking place. What are top MSPs doing to get to the next level? The answer is in optimization and automation. DevOps is also applicable to your MSP service delivery model. From “pick, pack, and ship” VAR services, to managed services, to automated service delivery. While this may seem like an evolution, it really is a series of large shifts that must take place to continually transform your business. This paper presents 6 best practice to help your business get to the next level.

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