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From partnership to innovation: how CDI delivers on the customer experience with LogicMonitor

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The majority of global enterprises work in a hybrid environment, using a mix of on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud. As environments become more complex, it becomes difficult to monitor services in one place. How can you ensure that all cross-functional teams have access to the same data? How can you reduce alert noise and forecast issues that really matter? How can you deliver the same, predictable results to every client?

In this webinar, join Michael Tarbet, Global Vice President, MSP & Channel at LogicMonitor and Chris Black, Chief Technology Officer at CDI as they discuss how to:

  • Get the same level of visibility into every environment, regardless of where it’s hosted
  • Deliver a better customer experience with forecasting, dynamic thresholds, and reduced alert noise
  • Use pre built integrations and AI to sift through alerts and communicate the right messages to the right teams at the right time