On-demand webinar: How to gain insights into your AWS data with LogicMonitor

Amazon Web Services (AWS) can revolutionize your approach to cloud migration, modernization, and growth strategies. But as your business continues to evolve, how are you managing migration risk and reducing unplanned downtime? Are you actively monitoring your cloud estate alongside your on-premises infrastructure? Native monitoring might not always provide the depth of coverage you need. You need to respond to critical alerts, control costs effectively, stay updated with cloud service changes, and clearly understand your cloud data. LogicMonitor’s cloud monitoring solution offers comprehensive visibility across both your on-premises and AWS deployments on a single, unified platform.

Join us for an insightful fireside chat with Jason Odden, Principal Cloud Account Executive, and Bennett Borofka, AWS Partner Solutions Architect. They will describe strategies for extracting deeper, more actionable insights from your AWS data, in conjunction with your on-premises estate. Hear from a product owner from a prominent university who shares their experience in bridging visibility gaps using LogicMonitor.

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