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Technology and Platforms for the C-Suite: Delivering More Agile, Resilient & Efficient IT

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For many leaders, 2022 was one giant reset button. In a post-pandemic, digitally transformative season, many organizations continued to grow and mature. But many also faced a challenging balancing act between staying agile and creating efficiencies.

Join LogicMonitor’s CEO Christina Kosmowski and CTO Nitin Navare as they reflect on 2022 and discuss how enterprises can continue to transform with the right approach to monitoring.

What you’ll get:

  • A C-level perspective on digital transformation
  • How to address tool sprawl with platform technology
  • Keys to ensuring your business leaders are confident in IT
  • A closer look at LogicMonitor’s approach to unified observability
  • How LM Envision helps businesses deliver efficiency, agility, and resilience

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