Preparing for Your Migration to the Cloud

The new book, “Preparing for Your Migration to the Cloud,” written by LogicMonitor founder, Steve Francis, and published by O’Reilly Media, is the first comprehensive guide for businesses preparing for migration to the cloud.

The publication, developed specifically for IT operations teams, is the first step-by-step guide for businesses planning to migrate or actively migrating to the cloud, with chapters documenting lessons learned from cloud migration contributed by leaders at Orange Business Services, Q2, Lewan Technology, Long View Systems, and SPS Commerce.

The book outlines a practical seven-step migration plan to prepare businesses for cloud migration. It focuses on three major benefits of the cloud: operational agility, strategic focus, and cost savings, and provides a prescriptive look at best practices needed to ensure a successful transition. Readers also learn insights and tips from IT Operations leaders including cost management tips and pitfalls to avoid.

Steve Francis is an established IT industry veteran and founder of LogicMonitor, the leading SaaS-based performance monitoring platform for Enterprise IT. “I’ve experienced the evolution of IT infrastructure firsthand. The rise of cloud gives businesses the opportunity to take advantage of increased agility and scalability, but introduces some complexities and pitfalls,” says Francis. “I wrote this book so operations teams can benefit from the real-world experiences of people who pioneered successful cloud migration and can lead the way for others.”