Put Your Logs to Work with LM Logs

Put Your Logs to Work with LM Logs

Most IT professionals aren’t using their log data efficiently. The overwhelming volume of log data is unmanageable, and the information is difficult to decipher. LogicMonitor sees logs differently. LM Logs analyzes logs to ensure IT Operations teams have the right logs at their fingertips and offers a unique and unified approach to log analysis centered on algorithmic root-cause analysis. Contextual and actionable log data is correlated with metrics and alerts to provide deep insight that goes beyond simple notifications and helps customers understand why issues are occurring. LM Logs enhances LogicMonitor’s existing AIOps early warning system capabilities to help IT Operations teams reduce MTTR and proactively prevent widespread business impact.

Video Transcription

Drowning in log data you find hard to use? 

Nobody has time these days for siloed tools and hours of manual searching through logs.

Chances are that your existing log tools process vast quantities of raw logs on a daily basis without putting those logs to work. 

LM Logs is a new product from LogicMonitor that helps IT professionals like you automatically surface log anomalies and match them with metric-based alerts – giving you the context you need to diagnose and repair issues faster.

LM Logs processes data from virtually any source. 

The cloud-based software continuously ingests logs … and determines what normal looks like, so that when a deviation from the norm does arise, it’s flagged immediately. 

LM Logs uses patented algorithms to automatically correlate log events with metrics –so users can quickly identify the issue and its root cause.

We know that speed of resolution is critical to customer satisfaction and confidence. 

LogicMonitor customers say that LM Logs significantly accelerates root cause analysis and decreases mean-time-to-repair. 

Current LM Logs users have access to environment-wide views of meaningful log anomalies representing key infrastructure and application change events.”

Ready to put your logs to work to troubleshoot faster? 

Visit LogicMonitor.com/logs for more info.