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David Powell has been a thought leader in the Managed Services space since 2009, while the recurring revenue business model was still emerging.  He has worked for three of the top 50 MSPs in the world and has been named one of the top 250 people in Managed Services for over five consecutive years. Powell possesses broad industry experience and has served in executive positions at some of the nation’s leading VAR and managed service provider organizations. Powell joined LogicMonitor in September 2016 assuming the role of general manager of the company’s service provider business; prior to that he spent seven years at TekLinks, a service provider company, as vice president of managed and cloud services. With a background and extensive experience in healthcare IT, telecommunications, managed services and cloud services, Powell is a frequent speaker, both regionally and nationally, on managed and cloud services.

The Service Provider Transformation series aims to help guide businesses through a demanding, innovative time. From defining your current go-to-market structure to understanding how to productize your differentiating factors, this blog series addresses challenges and solutions applicable to Service Providers everywhere. Subscribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for actionable updates and processes that help grow, scale, and transform your Service Provider business. 

Topics covered in the Service Provider Transformation Series:

  • Understanding what your predominant business model is and where you are now.  
  • Understanding where you want to take your business.
  • Know your strengths, determine your differentiated value.
  • How to productize your offerings and create solutions that are reproducible (operational leverage).
  • Sales transformation.
  • Creation of a product suite- what goes in it and why.
  • Service delivery model- how do you create a service delivery model to support your suite?
  • Marketing/demand gen- how do you market your services and create demand?
  • A story to tell.  What is your unique story that you want to tell to the market?
  • Bringing it all together.  Summary blog post about how to put all this into action.

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