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The Situation

Triton Management Services, LLC, owned by Aladdin Group, provides legal services and bonds throughout the United States and employs about 600 employees. As they are a small organization, their IT department has a primary focus on keeping costs low and below budget, while still receiving quality data. Due to budget limitations, Triton was not able to grow their IT team and needed to ensure a unified observability platform was set up to help save them time and money.

The Solution

With the size of their team, they’ve treated LogicMonitor as one of their employees by setting up automated reports that deliver the information required directly to them. They’ve also set up intricate escalation chains to only push alerts out to the correct people at the correct time. 

The Results 

Since implementing LogicMonitor, Triton has been able to focus their attention on necessary daily tasks. The automated reports and escalation chains have ensured the right people are focused on the right things, allowing for more time to be spent on innovative projects, while still delivering relevant performance data to the executive team.  By partnering with LogicMonitor, Triton has been able to operate an exiguous team while still saving money by coming in under their allotted budget, as well as focusing on business needs and priorities by automating their reporting and fine-tuning their escalation chains.