You’ve spotted the LM dot!

Play Spot the Dot for your chance to WIN a STAR WARS LEGO SET


How do I claim my points for posting my pictures or videos?

Find Dottie and show her your picture/video to get your points! We’ll stick them to your LM bag tag.

*What if I don’t have Twitter?

Any social media will do! LinkedIn, Facebook, BeReal, TikTok. Put it in an AWS Reddit thread even. But if you truly have NONE INTERNET presence, you can give your picture or video to our Dottie to post on your behalf, and get your points.

Why can’t I get a raffle entry for every picture I post?

The goal is to have fun finding all the unique dots and make interesting posts and videos Putting in a little extra time to get to GREEN LEVEL also means fewer people in the raffle – and a bigger chance to win!

Why is it a dot?

Why not? It rhymes with spot. And we like it a lot.