Storage Monitoring

LogicMonitor automatically discovers everything you need to know about your storage systems and delivers the monitoring, alerting, and graphing you need to maintain high availability and performance.

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Proactive insight into storage systems

Storage systems are the foundation on which your technology stack is built, so knowing what they’re doing – and what they’re not – is critical to running IT operations. Improve storage and mitigate downtime with cloud-based performance monitoring built for the modern age.

Unify storage monitoring
across your entire infrastructure

LogicMonitor offers hundreds of storage-specific monitoring integrations (called LogicModules) right out-of-the-box. Start monitoring the health and performance of traditional on-premises, hyper-converged, and cloud-based storage systems in one unified view.

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Storage monitoring features

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Modern storage monitoring

Monitor traditional storage systems like NetApp, EMC, HPE, and Nimble storage systems alongside cloud-based storage systems like GCP, Azure, and AWS to rapidly optimize performance across your entire infrastructure. LogicMonitor also supports hyper-converged and virtualized storage systems like Cisco HyperFlex, Nutanix, and VMware vSAN.

Monitoring that scales with you

Graph and alert on utilization, performance, and health metrics like capacity, IOPs, disk usage and more across LUNs, RAID Groups, Storage Pools, and Drives. LogicMonitor automatically discovers new components as you grow your system so you can eliminate any gap in visibility.

Deploy in minutes

LogicMonitor’s automated discovery starts monitoring and alerting in a matter of minutes without any manual configuration. That’s right; no configuration required. Enter a hostname or an IP address, and LogicMonitor automatically discovers all related storage systems.

Powerful dashboards

Build drag-and-drop dashboards to visualize storage metrics at a high level or dive deep into granular metrics with ease. Visualize and share data across teams and customers to enable collaboration like never before.

High availability

Monitor capacity, IOPS, disk space, and latency with best-practice thresholds so you can prevent issues before they occur. Ensure your mission-critical applications are healthy and online at all times.

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Flexible alerting

Alerts are preconfigured with thresholds set using best practices to get monitoring up and running quickly. Route alerts to different teams based on severity, device, technology, groups, or even time of day.

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LogicMonitor is intuitive and easy to use. This does not mean it lacks advanced features, it has all the features for performance and uptime monitoring that you would expect. You can be set up and gathering useful data in a matter of minutes, and alerting and reporting accurately on that data in hours.

Richard G.

IT Infrastructure Manager, Rosti Automotive

Intelligent Forecasting & capacity planning

Plan for storage capacity in real-time

LogicMonitor allows you to monitor the health of your storage systems and avoid running into capacity issues. Utilizing intelligent forecasting, LogicMonitor can provide an estimate of how long you have until your storage capacity runs out.

2000+ Monitoring Integrations

Monitor your entire stack together

Eliminate tool sprawl with deeper insights into the health and performance of your storage systems along side your network, cloud, container, and server infrastructure within a single platform. Make hybrid monitoring a breeze with over 2000 integrations out-of-the-box.

24/7 Live Support

Get real-time support from our experts

With LogicMonitor, you are not alone. Our engineers are available 24/7 via chat, our professional services can help you depoy and leverage your monitoring platform to the fullest, and our vibrant user community helps you connect with other LogicMonitor power users.

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