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Scheduling a Report for Auto-Delivery

You can schedule any report to be auto-delivered via email by checking the Generate this report on a schedule option available under the Report Schedule section of the report configuration dialog. As shown and discussed next, several additional settings appear when this option is selected.


Select how often the report should be generated and delivered. Choose from once a day, one or more days per week, or one or more days per month.

  • Every day: Set the time at which it will be delivered.
  • Every week: Set the day(s) of the week and time at which it will be delivered.
  • Every month: Set the date(s) of the month and time at which the report will be delivered. To select more than one date per month, click the + icon located to the right of the date selection drop-down.

Email Recipients

Add the recipient(s) that will receive the report via email. As you type, LogicMonitor will auto-suggest user accounts, e-mail addresses, and recipient groups that exist in the system. You can optionally add external email addresses manually.

Note: Your level of permissions determine which, if any, users/recipient groups are available for selection when assigning email recipients.

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