Website Monitoring

Ensure website performance and availability using Service Checks. Perform on-the-spot service checks and enable synthetic transactions

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Get full visibility into website availability

Confirm your websites are up and accessible from one or multiple external test locations, or monitor from within your network and ensure your employees can access critical internal sites.

Spot issues before they impact end users

Alert on the specific circumstances you care about: when content is not loading properly, the expected HTTP status code isn’t being returned, or when page load time exceeds custom thresholds. LogicMonitor makes sure site availability is graphed, monitored, and alerted on in real time.

Spot issues before they impact end users
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Website monitoring features

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Rapidly deploy

LogicMonitor comes stock with best practice dashboards and alert thresholds for your website checks. Within minutes you will have the data you need to graph, alert, and optimize performance for your internal and external websites from around the world.

Ping checks

Ping an IP address from one or more external locations. Find out how your website is performing by monitorng trace route, status, maximum/minimum/average round trip tips, number of sent and received packets, and more!

Web checks

Periodically make HTTP GET, HEAD or POST requests to one or more URLs (LogicMonitor can handle Basic, NTLM or form-based authentication). Web Checks can come from external locations outside of your network, or from Collectors situated within your network (known as Internal Web Checks). Monitor response time, status, read time, SSL handshake time, SSL status, connect time, DNS resolve time and more!

Reduce alert noise

Put an end to alert storms with intelligent anamology detection and root cause analysis. Distinguish service-impacting alerts from non-service impacting alerts, and reduce how often you get woken up in the middle of the night.

Identify performance trends

Pre-configured alert thresholds ensure that you receive meaningful alerts right from the start, and help you to proactively prevent downtime. Easily tune thersholds on a global, group, or object level.

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Synthetic transactions

Compose multi-step tests that simulate user transactions, check for specific content, and handle authentication from actual browsers all over the world. Business transactions are then correlated with underlying infrastructure, including network and website performance issues, to determine the root cause of service delivery failure.

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We have integrated LM into our everyday work. The app is the first thing we look at in the morning, all our team members keep at least one of the customizable dashboards on their desktops at all times.

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2000+ integrations out-of-the-box

Understand how your website is affected by the rest of your IT stack

LogicMonitor goes beyond simply monitoring your website availability. With over 2000 integrations, LogicMonitor has your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid IT environments covered and has the power to drill into your applications, servers, storage arrays and more. Get the unified view you need to reduce mean time to resolution and allow you to correlate website performance with other key infrastructure components.

Comprehensive Website Metrics

Dive deeper into website monitoring through ping and web checks

Collected varying website metrics using either a Web Check or Ping Check. Collected data is available for viewing from a website’s Graphs and Raw Data tabs, or on a customizable dashboard as a widget. As highlighted in the following screenshot, both of these tabs track website data on a per-checkpoint basis ( 1 ) and on an overall checkpoint basis ( 2 ).

Intelligent Website Alerting

Cut through alert noise with ease

Configure alerts or schedule downtime on a per-Service Check basis. Define alerting based on overall reachability and health from all locations, and/or from specific sites. Quickly view and filter alerts on the general Alerts Page or the Alerts Tab for each Service Check or Service Check Group. Filter by instance, alert severity, and more, and control which escalation chains receive alerts.

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