Website Monitoring

Ensure website performance and availability using Service Checks.

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Get Full Visibility into Website Availability

Track site performance from multiple locations around the world or from within your private networks.

  • External and Internal Service Checks: Confirm your websites are up and accessible from one or multiple external test locations, or monitor from within your network and ensure your employees can access critical internal sites.
  • Synthetic Transactions: Construct multi-step tests that handle authentication and check for specific content in responses. Make HTTP GET, HEAD, or POST requests to multiple URLs and confirm the correct web page is loaded.
  • Ping Checks: Ping an IP address from one or more external locations.
Global Service Checks

Alert on Site Availability

Spot issues before they impact end-users.

  • Alert on the specific circumstances you care about: when content is not loading properly, the expected HTTP status code isn’t being returned, or when page load time exceeds custom thresholds.
  • Configure alerts or schedule downtime on a per-Service Check basis. Define alerting based on overall reachability and health from all locations, and/or from specific locations.
  • Easily view and filter alerts on the general Alerts Page or on the Alerts Tab for each Service Check or Service Check Group. Filter by instance, alert severity, and more, and control which escalation chains receive alerts.
Website Response Time

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Video Case Study

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