HP iLO Monitoring


HP ProLiant Servers generation 6 and above come with an Integrated Lights Out (iLO) card or port that enables you to monitor hardware status via SNMP. HP servers with these ports will need 2 IP addresses for monitoring: the iLO management port’s IP address for SNMP monitoring of hardware, and the Operating System’s NIC IP address for monitoring the OS NIC stats using WMI, SNMP for Linux, or ESX API.


1. Access the iLO’s management interface

2. From the Administration menu, make sure the SNMP Settings are all enabled similar to the example below. Read Community, Trap Community, and alert destination should be configured.

3. Traps can be configured towards the bottom of the same page.

Below is a generic SNMP Trap eventsource created to test the ability to receive these in LogicMonitor. To test trap generation and delivery, you can try a simple test such as unplugging a network cable from an interface. Once transmission is verified, the trap EventSource can be modified to filter inclusively to receive particular traps.