Introducing LM Concierge

Introducing LM Concierge

At LogicMonitor, the success of our customers is our biggest priority. Through product training, guidance, and support, we strive to help you optimize the maximum value out of your LogicMonitor investment.

That is why we are delighted to introduce LM Concierge; the most robust, exclusive support and services offering for Enterprise customers to take their LogicMonitor journey to the next level. With effective configuration, operation, and management, LM Concierge customers can experience maximum portal health, streamline IT operations, and ensure workflow management. This enables teams to focus on what matters most: business-critical initiatives at speed and scale.

Empowering Teams With LM Concierge 

Since launching professional support and services offerings at LogicMonitor, our large Enterprise customers have asked for additional and deeper support capabilities for assistance in maintaining and maximizing the ongoing health of their LM portal. All with the end goal of freeing existing resources and focusing on alternative business initiatives and growth. With your requests in mind, LM Concierge was created. 

LM Concierge includes a new robust set of capabilities as an extension to our Premier Support offering as outlined below: 

LM Concierge table

The LM Concierge Support Key Deliverables

Alfred Bob highlights the key deliverables of LM Concierge support:

  • Assigned engineers and premier support benefits– Remote access to LM engineers who are experienced in administering, troubleshooting, and optimizing the use of LM.
  • Deployment of new resources and core product configurations- A deeper understanding of how to leverage LM and receive customized device configurations.
  • Support for ongoing portal optimization– Consistent portal health with stronger adoption across your LM platform.
  • Professional Services hours for development of custom solutions– 50 Professional Services hours that can be used towards the development of custom solutions.
  • Robust reporting for comprehensive visibility– Regular reporting on admin tasks and documentation for custom solutions.

A Deeper Dive Into LM Concierge

Want to dive deeper? Let’s get into the details on how LM Concierge makes life easier and friction-free.

Assigned Engineers and Premier Support Benefits

Admins are often wearing multiple hats and juggling between different tools and equipment that they are responsible for administering within their organization. With LM Concierge, admins can leverage LM Sr. Engineers who are dedicated to customer satisfaction and advanced product training. Additionally, admins can optimize workflow management and immediate response times with dedicated 24×7 communication channels, including an urgent phone line.

Deployment of New Resources and Core Product Configurations

Consistent product knowledge can be hard to maintain within an organization throughout hiring, attrition, and training. With LM Concierge, customers can consistently bridge gaps in the domain and product knowledge while gaining a deeper understanding of how to leverage LogicMonitor. Additionally, LM Concierge can help ease transition processes from legacy systems and assist in correlating incumbent tool metrics with modernized best practices.

Support for Ongoing Portal Optimization

Maximizing the ongoing health of tools can often be difficult. With LM Concierge, experience consistent portal health with stronger adoption across your LM platform and the elasticity to scale your resources and tech stack. Further, leverage product experts for comprehensive training, best practices, and recommendations for tuning, re-configuring, and optimizing your LM solution.

Professional Services Hours for Development of Custom Solutions

Achieving advanced product knowledge for various tools throughout an organization can be a challenge — especially when configuration is involved. Up to 50 Professional Service hours can be used to develop custom LogicModules, integrations, automation, or website checks that are not met by out-of-box functionality. This can equate to a 25% reduction in resource work hours per week. 

Robust Reporting for Comprehensive Visibility

Maintaining all-encompassing reporting and documentation can take time! Receive account health reports inclusive of quarterly health checks, alert summaries, and inventory reports alongside Readme and design documentation for delivered custom solutions with LM Concierge. Additionally, sustain efficient and effective change with extensive change management reporting and documentation to achieve complete visibility of active product bugs and root cause analysis through known issue summaries. 

For new customers, LM Concierge does not replace an initial Professional Services implementation which is still required. For customers currently on Standard, Enhanced, or Enterprise Support, your path to LM Concierge is as easy as contacting your LogicMonitor Account Executive to discuss upgrading your level of care.

Please visit our Support Overview page to learn more. If you are interested in LM Concierge, please contact your Account Executive or email us at [email protected]

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