LogicMonitor Is Hispanic Proud

Celebrations are a ubiquitous thing.  There are always many things to rejoice about and we as humans find it quite easy to make a joyous celebration out of anything near and dear to our hearts. Hispanic Heritage Month is one of those celebrations that I am proud to celebrate as a member of the Hispanic community. 

What Does Being Hispanic Mean?

The term Hispanic covers a broad population of people who speak Spanish or have a background in a Spanish-speaking country. However, this does not define race. Hispanics come in all races to make a very beautiful blend of colors and culture. This being said, Hispanics come from many different countries that have their unique traditions and culture. Every person has a different experience in their Hispanic culture depending on their situation. They could have been born in another country and then came to the United States, while others are first, second, third-generation, etc. Another important factor is where you grew up.  

I grew up in South Texas in a border city. Being a predominantly Hispanic town, you don’t realize how much that impacts the traditions and culture. Especially when you grow up watching American TV and realize that we celebrate a lot of things both similarly and differently, as well as celebrate the holidays in Mexico. At least this was the case for my family. I always just thought it was so much fun to celebrate more holidays! Why not? More fun gatherings and great food to go along with the celebrations. For example, we celebrate the 4th of July just like most Americans (grilling/fireworks) and 16 de Septiembre (Mexican Independence Day) with grilling, fireworks, and add the “Grito”.  Another celebration is Halloween and then we immediately follow with Dia de Los Muertos.  

Being True to Yourself and Better Every Day

All this being said, I am a proud Hispanic that feels very fortunate to be a part of LogicMonitor. I have never been part of a company that provides such a sense of community and belonging for all of its people. The fact that we have multiple community groups that help historically marginalized groups is something that is so amazing. It creates such a wonderful atmosphere for growth, working, and learning without the fear of having to hide your true self. Our People of Color community group, which I help co-lead, did so great in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. We had digital graphics and branding for zoom and social media in support of the month along with some other cool surprises that are coming up. I could go on forever about how great LogicMonitor is, but I instead challenge you to embrace the great culture and amazing things we accomplish by being better every day!