Why I Decided to Join This Kick-a** Company

Why I Decided to Join This Kick-a** Company

LogicMonitor is a rocket ship — and one that I’m very glad to have a seat aboard. LogicMonitor has the right products, an incredible vision, and a veteran team at the helm. We’re going places — fast — and are blazing a new trail forward as we make it possible for every company to achieve unified IT observability.

I joined LogicMonitor after two decades at Slack and Salesforce. During my tenures, I helped Salesforce grow from 20 million in annual revenue to ten billion, and Slack move from 90 million to one billion in annual revenue. Scaling companies that are destined to change the way we work is exciting, and LogicMonitor certainly fits that bill. We’ve grown 255% in the past three years, and plan to hire hundreds of new LMers in the coming months. But more importantly, LogicMonitor is changing the very role of IT within businesses.

Even before COVID-19, digital transformation was happening. In 2021, companies continue to move to the cloud and add to their stack at a tremendous rate. Our Evolution of IT research report revealed that while 84% of global IT leaders are responsible for ensuring their customers’ digital experience, nearly two-thirds (61%) do not have high confidence in their ability to do so. We know this, and we’re here to help.

In anticipation of this broad shift to cloud, containers and complex hybrid environments, LogicMonitor has evolved over the last few years to offer far more than just IT infrastructure monitoring. LogicMonitor is now a cloud-based platform that creates valuable technical and business insights to help ITOps and DevOps teams deliver end-to-end observability across their applications, networks and infrastructure. We offer extensive AIOps capabilities, as well as log intelligence and analysis. I am proud to join a company that is investing in a unified platform to help modern enterprises and MSPs monitor ephemeral infrastructures, employee productivity, AND customer experience — all within a single pane of glass.

Today, most legacy enterprises have discovered that they need to modernize to keep up with customer expectations. Businesses large and small come to us with complex multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructures, asking us to help them gain a unified view of (and insights into) their environments. While LogicMonitor may be a little smaller than some of the other solution providers in the space, our size gives us added agility and enables us to listen to each of our customers and find the best solution for their needs. 

I have spent the last decade of my career obsessively focused on putting customers at the heart of everything. There needs to be a continuous loop between the customers buying a product, and customers using that product — with all product development undertaken with a customer lens in mind. LogicMonitor’s company culture and values hinge upon being Customer Obsessed and serving as a trusted partner to our customers; acting as One Team; and trying to be Better Everyday. I will ensure that we never lose sight of who we are as we scale, because it is those very values that got us to where we are today.

The market opportunity we have in front of us is huge. I can’t wait to meet more of you and blaze forward together.