ServiceNow is a cloud-based digital workflow platform that helps organizations streamline and automate their IT operations, customer service, human resources, and other business processes.

By integrating Servicenow with the LogicMonitor platform, you can take your monitoring further with comprehensive alerting, enhanced incident management, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.

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Centralize visibility

Gain a centralized view of IT infrastructure, enabling real-time monitoring and management.

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Proactive monitoring

Identify potential issues proactively and automatically create alerts and incidents in ServiceNow for faster incident resolution.

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Prioritize incidents

Use Servicenow to help prioritize and assign incidents accurately based on the severity of issues and available resources.

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Comprehensive reporting

Leverage detailed reports and advanced analytics for better decision-making and continuous improvement.

ServiceNow CMDB

Integrating ServiceNow CMDB with LogicMonitor allows you to establish a strong foundation for managing your IT infrastructure and assets. By defining and maintaining a comprehensive list of your IT assets, applications, and services, and their dependencies in ServiceNow CMDB, you can gain a centralized view of your IT infrastructure.

Additionally, this integration can improve your change management processes, enabling you to track changes to your configuration items, ensuring that they are approved and documented properly, and enabling LogicMonitor to monitor and alert you on the changes to your IT infrastructure and applications.

LogicMontior writes a direct URL to the ServiceNow CI on the sn.cmdb_url property.

ServiceNow Incident Management

Integrating ServiceNow incident management with LogicMonitor streamlines your incident management processes and improves your incident resolution times.

LogicMonitor proactively monitors your IT infrastructure and applications and detects issues before they cause major incidents. Once detected, LogicMonitor automatically creates incidents in ServiceNow, providing you with the relevant information such as severity, priority, and assignment group. This ensures that you can prioritize and assign incidents accurately based on the severity of issues and available resources, and track the progress of incidents until they are resolved.

By automatically creating incidents in ServiceNow, you can quickly respond to incidents and restore services to your end-users, reducing the impact of incidents on your business and improving your overall service delivery.

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Service Graph Connector

Using ServiceNow Service Graph Connector with LogicMonitor enables you to gain a complete and real-time view of your IT environment, enabling you to better understand and manage your IT services and their dependencies.

With the Service Graph Connector, map your IT services and dependencies, and automatically discover new services and changes. This enables you to proactively monitor your entire IT environment and identify potential issues before they become major incidents.