LogicMonitor for the Cloud

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We’ll cover how to:

  • Monitor in AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Predict and optimize spend to get the most out of your cloud
  • Automate alert tuning with Dynamic Thresholds and Anomaly Detection
  • Monitor service level performance across resources

Full-stack observability into your cloud platforms and SaaS applications

Gain better control and visibility of your cloud resources by utilizing AIOps and the 3 pillars of observability: metrics, log analysis, and traces

Reduce MTTR with proactive alerting

Complex cloud environments can be hard to manage, especially when it comes to alerting. With AIOps, users can leverage dynamic thresholds and anomaly detection to proactively detect signals from noise

Onboard and proactively monitor within minutes

Complex cloud environments are dynamic and your monitoring solution should be too. LogicMonitor’s LM Exchange, Cloud Integrations provides real-time visibility into the health, performance, availability, and usage of cloud platforms quickly and easily