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increase efficiency / 03.01.23

Fix it Fast: 6 ways LogicMonitor helps you reduce MTTR

Watch our webinar to learn how to identify common IT challenges that impact time to resolution and how LogicMonitor solves these challenges.

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automation / 01.26.23

On-demand webinar: Unlocking the Path to Automation with LogicMonitor

Unlocking automation can help you enhance productivity, increase revenue, and improve customer experience. Check out this webinar to see how LM Envision can help you drive innovation by unlocking the path to automate within your ops team.

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cloud migration / 12.15.22

Not Just a Juggling Act: How to Support Your Hybrid IT Environment with LogicMonitor

Check out our webinar to learn how to future-proof your hybrid IT, navigate different stages of cloud maturity, and determine what’s best for you on your cloud journey.

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MSP / 11.18.22

On-demand webinar: From Partnership to Innovation: How CDI Delivers on the Customer Experience with LogicMonitor

In this webinar, join Michael Tarbet, Global Vice President, MSP & Channel at LogicMonitor and Chris Black, Chief Technology Officer at CDI as they discuss how to increase visibility into every environment and deliver a better customer experience.

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C-Level / 11.18.22

On-demand webinar: Technology and Platforms for the C-Suite: Delivering More Agile, Resilient & Efficient IT

Join LogicMonitor’s CEO Christina Kosmowski and CTO Nitin Navare as they reflect on 2022 and discuss how enterprises can continue to transform with the right approach to monitoring.

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modernization / 10.31.22

On-demand webinar: How to eliminate tool sprawl without causing a rebellion

Check out this webinar to learn about the causes of tool sprawl, why Ops teams struggle with it, and how to solve these challenges within your organization.

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Infrastructure monitoring / 10.17.22

Infrastructure Monitoring with LM Envision

In this demo, Sales Engineer Stuart Carrison discusses the LogicMonitor architecture, how data is collected, logs, and some of our powerful features.

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cloud migration / 10.10.22

On-Demand Webinar: 10 Tips for Efficiently Scaling Your Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Strategies

Join us for a webinar where we’ll walk you through real-life best practices for building a foolproof hybrid, multi-cloud strategy to help you navigate complexity and reduce risk in your cloud environments.

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cloud migration / 09.30.22

Multi-Cloud Monitoring Demo

Watch this demo to see how LogicMonitor monitors all your different cloud environments and more together in one single pane of glass.

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success story / 09.07.22

Schneider Electric consolidates monitoring tools by 83% with LogicMonitor

Schneider Electric consolidated its monitoring tools by 83% after onboarding LogicMonitor’s observability platform. Schneider Electric, one of the most sustainable companies on the planet, is always striving to make energy better. This is done with the help of unified observability.

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