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Article / 04.08.24

How to enable smarter and faster IT operations through AI

Revolutionize IT incident management with AIOps and ML. Learn strategies to simplify operations and boost productivity. See real-world examples of IT teams leveraging AI for success.

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aiops / 03.20.24

Webinar: Better Together: Mastering Observability With LogicMonitor & Presidio

Join the webinar with LogicMonitor and Presidio to explore industry-leading analytics and firsthand experiences, essential for achieving best-in-class observability practices.

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Article / 03.18.24

On-demand webinar: Hybrid cloud clarity powered by AI: Discussion and demo with LogicMonitor and AWS

Discover how to optimize your AWS and on-premises deployments with the latest cloud monitoring capabilities. Through a hands-on demo, you’ll learn how to enhance the performance of migrated resources, leverage AI to prioritize alerts, and gain actionable insights to improve your cloud monitoring strategy.

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aiops / 03.06.24

On-demand webinar: Unleashing Hybrid Observability: LogicMonitor’s Latest Product Innovations

Discover how LogicMonitor empowers IT and CloudOps teams with actionable insights, enabling them to enhance uptime, accelerate business initiatives, and proactively manage infrastructure and applications at scale.

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Article / 02.01.24

AIOps + Hybrid Observability Converge: The Road to Proactive Operations

Watch AIOps + Hybrid Observability Converge: The Road to Proactive Operations, part one of a three-part webinar series on AIOps, where LogicMonitor’s very own Ranjan Goel, Vice President of Product Management, and Jason Odden, Principal AIOps Strategic Advisor, outline their recommendations for how companies can get the most out of AIOps, avoid risk, and experience tangible benefits from their AIOps strategy.

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launch / 11.17.23

Simplifying hybrid multi cloud complexity: LogicMonitor’s latest product innovations

Watch now to learn about our latest product innovations that deliver a cohesive and intuitive hybrid multi-cloud experience, helping customers easily monitor their growing environments and maximize productivity. 

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Article / 11.01.23

Navigating Observability Challenges: A Fireside Chat with 451 Research

Watch our webinar with 451 Research’s Sr. Analyst, Mike Fratto, and LogicMonitor’s Chief Technology Officer of Field Operations, Ben Radke, for a fireside chat as they discuss hot topics in observability, the value of hybrid, multi cloud observability, and how it can help you harness the full potential of your hybrid cloud investment. Hear examples of how companies solved observability problems with unified monitoring.

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aiops / 10.02.23

See how Dexda revolutionizes IT operations

Purpose-built AI from a trusted partner; Dexda offers contextualized data and observability capabilities that is a gateway to generative AI and unmatched digital experiences

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azure / 09.25.23

Azure Monitoring On-Demand Demo

Dive into the world of seamless monitoring with our on-demand LogicMonitor Azure demo. Watch firsthand the capabilities and benefits our platform offers

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Article / 08.24.23

Unlocking Intelligence & Extensibility: LogicMonitor’s Latest Product Innovations

Check out this on-demand webinar with LogicMonitor’s Chief Product Officer, Taggart Matthiesen, and LogicMonitor’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Bill Emmett, for a conversation about how our recent product innovations can help you unlock intelligence and extensibility in your hybrid IT environments.

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