Application Monitoring

Monitor the performance and availability of your business-critical applications from a single unified platform.

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Quote Mark Dark

Full-stack application insights

Track application availability and performance metrics alongside the rest of your IT infrastructure: cloud, server, containers, storage, database, networks, and more. See how business-critical applications are performing and ensure that Apache, Docker, Tomcat, Nginx, and more, are always online.

Ensure business performance through advanced monitoring intelligence

With LogicMonitor’s SiteMonitor feature, you can track the availability of multi-step transactions and flows like registrations and shopping carts on your websites and apps. Get deeper insights into modern service architectures and track the performance of containerized applications with user flows, synthetic transactions, and predictive analytics.

Quote Mark Dark
Quote Mark Dark

The flexibility of the platform to meet various monitoring and alerting requirements has become a go-to in our business operations. Paired with the flexibility of using the solution without requirements of private connectivity to each network or application that we want to monitor, the platform has become the base of all our business critical monitoring.

Brandon Myers

Director of Managed Services, TekLinks

2000+ Monitoring Integrations

Over 2000 supported technologies

LogicMonitor includes over 2000 pre-built LogicModules (monitoring integrations) for cloud services, networks, servers, storage, and more. See how your underlying infrastructure is affecting application performance and service delivery right out-of-the-box.

microservices and service oriented architectures

Support for dynamic environments

It can be challenging to maintain data continuity with the complexity of modern applications. LM Service Insight aggregates data across resources supporting a joint application to provide long-term views into how that application performs over time.

containerized application monitoring

Monitor Kubernetes in real-time

LogicMonitor’s Kubernetes Monitoring Integration (called LM Container) enables you to comprehensively monitor your Kubernetes orchestrated container environment — and the applications running within — alongside the rest of your hybrid infrastructure. LM Container provides automated monitoring and pre-configured alert thresholds for Kubernetes cluster components (containers, nodes, pods, and services), container health, and application performance. You can be sure that you have full visibility to maximize your container investment.

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