Container and Microservices Monitoring

Get visibility into your microservices and containerized applications alongside the rest of your hybrid IT infrastructure in a single monitoring platform.

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Automated Discovery

LogicMonitor automatically discovers containers, microservices, and underlying resources, so you can save your team valuable time without having to worry about whether your monitoring is keeping up.

  • Frequent and recurring discovery attempts ensure that your monitoring is always up to date
  • Metadata is automatically populated during discovery, so you have the contextual information you need when viewing and managing monitored resources
  • Pre-configured discovery logic for different technologies means LogicMonitor can accurately discover what’s in your environment
  • Integrations with configuration management and orchestration tools helps LogicMonitor to seamlessly fit into your existing ecosystem

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Pre-Configured Monitoring Templates

Pre-configured monitoring templates ensure that you get meaningful monitoring and alerting right out of the box.

  • LogicMonitor automatically monitors metrics based on best practices, so your team doesn’t have to waste time figuring out what to monitor and how.
  • Pre-configured alert thresholds ensure that you receive meaningful alerts right from the start, and help you to proactively prevent downtime.
  • With over 1000 supported technologies, including containers, container orchestration, and standard applications, LogicMonitor provides comprehensive monitoring for your containerized applications and microservices.
  • Monitoring templates apply to resources automatically after discovery and data collection begins immediately, eliminating gaps in visibility.

Monitoring Built for Highly Dynamic Services

With LogicMonitor you can dynamically group together containers and other ephemeral resources supporting a common microservice, enabling you to focus on the health and performance of the overall service, regardless of changes in underlying resources.

  • Dynamic grouping for resources supporting a common service makes it simpler to manage and schedule downtime for just those resources.
  • Aggregate data across resources supporting a common service to get insight into how the service is performing as a whole.
  • Get long-term views into how a group of resources supporting a common application are performing and correlate performance trends with events.
  • Distinguish service-impacting alerts from non-service impacting alerts, and reduce how often you get woken up in the middle of the night

Customizable Dashboards

Get deeper insights with customizable dashboards and reports that enable you to create meaningful views for your container and microservices environments.

  • Create dashboards that provide an overview of your entire distributed infrastructure in a single pane of glass.
  • Share at-a-glance views of your container and microservices environment with stakeholders to keep them informed.
  • Export dashboards to and import dashboards from template format to make dashboard creation easy and scalable.
  • Choose from thirteen different widget types for displaying data.

Video Case Study

SPS Commerce

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Video Case Study


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”LogicMonitor is an amazing product that provides us great visibility into our network.”

Shafiek Peck

Lead Network Engineer, Zendesk

”With LogicMonitor, you look at your dashboard and see exactly how the underlying systems are behaving with your application.”

Mick England

DevOps Manager, Cengage Learning

“LogicMonitor installed quickly and immediately identified issues hidden from our existing systems. It's a must have.”

David Devault

Director, Operations, iControl Networks

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