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Docker Integration Summary

LogicMonitor’s Docker Container Monitoring Integration provides automated discovery and monitoring for your Docker Containers. Containers are automatically added into monitoring and data is collected via cAdvisor to ensure you have comprehensive visibility into container performance and status. Best of all, with LogicMonitor you can monitor Docker Containers alongside the rest of your hybrid infrastructure in a single pane of glass.


  • Save Your Team Time – LogicMonitor automatically monitors Docker Container metrics based on best practices, so your team doesn’t have to waste time figuring out what to monitor and how.
  • Keep Stakeholders Informed – Customizable dashboards enable you to create at-a-glance views of your Docker Container environment and share with stakeholders to keep them informed.
  • Identify Performance Trends – LogicMonitor stores performance data for up to two years, enabling you to get granular views of historical Docker Container performance and identify trends.
  • Proactively Prevent Downtime – Pre-configured alert thresholds ensure that you receive meaningful alerts right from the start, and help you to proactively prevent downtime.
  • Scale Faster – With LogicMonitor’s automated discovery for Docker Containers, you can scale your environment without worrying about whether your monitoring tool can keep up.
  • Get a Single Pane of Glass – Monitor your entire distributed infrastructure in a single pane of glass with LogicMonitor’s comprehensive monitoring for cloud and on-premise environments.