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LogicMonitor includes support for monitoring technologies for Linux. We include LogicModules out-of-the-box that monitor critical Linux performance metrics to build out dashboards that show the data critical to your IT Operations.

Available LogicModules

HostUptime, if supported

  • System Uptime

An LogicModule indicating if the host is alive

  • Time since data was last received (approx.)

Monitors file system inodes

  • Inodes

Monitors physical disk performance

  • Device Utilization
  • IO Completion Time
  • Operations
  • Queue
  • Request service time

Monitors performance of NFSD on Linux

  • Disk Throughput
  • NFS Directory Operations
  • NFS File Operations
  • Requests experiencing all threads busy
  • Retransmissions from the Reply Cache
  • Thread Usage

CPU, memory, and status for processes running on Linux hosts

  • CPU time of process
  • Memory
  • Process State

Ensures the Postfix stats updater daemon is running

  • Response Time Daemon Process Status

Monitors statistics for Postfix mail transfer agents active queue, deferred queue, bounce percentages, etc.

  • Postfix Queue
  • Received Mail
  • Sent Mail