Maximize your Azure Cloud ROI

The flexibility and speed that cloud computing provides makes running applications in the cloud appealing. But the pay-for-what-you-use pricing model makes it way too easy to rack up an expensive bill that can come as an unpleasant surprise at the end of the month. Ensuring your team has the ability to monitor spend throughout the month is essential to controlling costs, but can be challenging and time consuming.

A LogicMonitor graph of spend per Azure subscription

LogicMonitor’s LM Cloud now offers support for monitoring Azure cloud spend (in addition to detailed AWS cloud spend). We’ve made it easier than ever to monitor cloud costs and control them. LM Cloud utilizes Azure’s Rate Card and Usage APIs to calculate Azure billing data and break it down in a meaningful way. By default, cost is monitored per subscription, per region, per service, and per operation, with the ability to enable monitoring per tag as well.

You can use LM Cloud’s new Azure Billing Monitoring to monitor how your Azure cloud spend is trending and avoid surprises at the end of the month. Set up and schedule delivery for dashboards and reports that display which Azure subscription or tag is associated with the highest spend, and pinpoint where you can cut or optimize costs.

An overview dashboard of Azure spend, where spend is broken down by service, tag, operation, subscription and region.

You can additionally configure thresholds such that alerts will be triggered and routed to the right team when a target spend limit has been met or exceeded, so you can set it and forget it:

An example alert for Azure spend data that has exceeded a threshold.

Most importantly, LM Cloud’s new Azure Billing Monitoring enables you to view spend data alongside performance data in a single pane of glass. This enables you to get a complete understanding of your cloud environment, from resource performance and utilization to resource cost:

An example dashboard displaying Azure resource performance data alongside Azure resource spend data.

To get started, simply navigate to your existing monitored Azure environments in LogicMonitor and
enable billing monitoring via the manage dialog. Want to see the above Azure Billing Analysis dashboard in your account? Download this JSON template and import it into your account with these instructions.