Cloud Monitoring

Monitor while you modernize with unified monitoring that scales across your hybrid cloud ecosystem. Maximize your migration investment in AWS, Azure, and GCP alongside your data center resources with real-time visibility into the health and performance of your cloud deployments.

Monitor mission-critical infrastructure alongside cloud apps

Quickly gain actionable insights from your cloud service provider data. Instantly access out-of-the-box dashboards and deep-dive technical insights into AWS, Azure, and GCP, together with on-premises infrastructure in one unified platform. Automatically discover, apply, and scale monitoring for your entire cloud ecosystem in minutes. Included logs and metrics add context and correlation to your CSP data.

One cloud monitoring solution. Clarity for all.

Amazon Web Services

Make your migrations manageable, scalable, and cost-predictive with LogicMonitor’s complete cloud monitoring strategy.With comprehensive automated monitoring for over 50 AWS services including EKS, ECS, Lamda, and Fargate.

Microsoft Azure

Out-of-the-box monitoring for all critical Azure-hosted services including Virtual Machines and Servers to provide infrastructure performance metrics and custom dashboards, allowing you to visualize all critical ITOps data in a unified platform.

Google Cloud Platform

Automatically discover and monitor all your GCP services including GCE, GAE, and CloudSQL. Our comprehensive coverage provides GCP metrics alongside any network, server, or container service for full visibility into health and performance.

2,000+ Turn Key Integrations

Comprehensive hybrid cloud monitoring

  • Rapid API-based monitoring of business-critical cloud platforms without deploying any agents Lightning fast setup and configuration to monitor cloud platforms and SaaS applications automatically
  • Instant visibility into cloud resources, logs, and applications to correlate performance and spend across your systems
  • Enhanced visualizations for on-prem, cloud, and container topology in one platform to streamline workflows
  • Automated log analysis correlated to cloud service performance quickly identifies root causes
multi cloud overview dashboard showing GCP and AWS performance inside of LogicMonitor

Monitoring that moves and changes with you.

Cloud environments are dynamic. Your cloud monitoring tool should be too. 2500+ custom LogicMonitor and community-contributed integrations provide:

  • Seamless and frictionless setup of AWS, Azure, and GCP environments, containerized deployments (Kubernetes, Docker, etc), as well as business-critical SaaS applications, such as Office 365, Salesforce, and Cisco.
  • An intuitive setup wizard provides immediate and comprehensive visibility into the health, performance, availability, and usage of cloud platforms.

Clean up your cloud spend

Control surprise overages. Easily visualize spend alongside resources and find opportunities to cut costs with detailed ROI analysis.

  • View your over or under-utilized workloads to better visualize processing
  • Automated alerts flag spend thresholds and reserved instance expirations
  • Use historical data to forecast future spend and optimize resource allocation
  • Discover orphaned resources and eliminate unnecessary costs for what you’re not using
Azure Billing by Service

Reduce MTTR with intelligent alerting

Enable IT and cloud operations teams to focus on the right insights at the right time. Reduce alert noise so you can focus on solving the problems that matter. Alerting that’s as dynamic as your cloud environments.

  • Service insight capabilities monitor alerts at the service level over ephemeral resources
  • Cut through the noise with pre-configured alert thresholds based on best practices for cloud environments
  • Patented algorithms detect log events representing changes and anomalies across infrastructure landscapes, both cloud and on-prem
AWS EC2 dashboard in LogicMonitor

Complete views of cloud provider availability

Maximize service uptime with AWS, Azure, or GCP metrics and logs for insights into specific events happening across your multi cloud environments that may impact your infrastructure health. Radically reduce MTTR by correlating centralized log data with monitored resources to identify root causes faster. Leverage forecasting and eliminate issues with service limits. With cloud provider monitoring you get one view into account level capacity, scheduled maintenance, and available services.

Cloud monitoring platform benefits

LogicMonitor dashboard showing an overview of an Azure environment.

Monitor cloud platforms and SaaS apps with speed and ease

LM Envision’s cloud monitoring services provide rapid API-based monitoring of business-critical SaaS applications and Cloud platforms for a seamless experience.

This dashboard provides status of the Slack environment. The metrics displayed are alert status, slack instances, ping rtt over time, http response over time, service SLA, slack services status, slack services status over time, service status outages over time

Keep your team informed

Keep your teams connected and streamline workflows with built-in integrations for service management tools like ServiceNow, Autotask, and Connectwise, communication tools like Slack, and incident response tools like PagerDuty.

This dashboard provides an a listing of various metrics that are monitored for Logic Monitor Portal. The metrics displayed are alert counts for: total, warning, error, critical, resource counts for alive and dead, Alert severity over time, severity distribution, resource status over time, resource counts for: total, standard devices, services, website checks, recent logins, users, resource usage over time, configsource instances over time.

Eliminate gaps in visibility

Gain access to comprehensive OS and application-level metrics in addition to cloud-specific API data. See how cloud instances interact with on-premises and hybrid infrastructure for a comprehensive view of service health and availability

LogicMonitor Resource Utilization Dashboard

Service limit capacity with no surprises

Receive alerts for service disruptions, even before your cloud provider confirms them. Track the availability, performance and usageof your cloud services before it impacts end-user performance.

This dashboard provides an a listing of various metrics that are monitored for Azure App Services. The metrics displayed are alert status, app services statistics, CPU over time, memory over time, response time over time, response time

Understand your cost centers

See ‘at-a-glance’ where you can cut costs and optimize spend with detailed ROI analysis. Automated alerts flag spend thresholds and reserved instance expirations. Make your business more predictable by using historical data to forecast future spend

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CloudOps Engineer? Welcome home.

LM Envision provides a unified homebase for all cloud operations. Get a quick look between your environments, or dive into the nitty gritty details of a specific instance. Whether you’re in CloudOps, SRE, ITOps, or a developer, LogicMonitor is custom-tuned for every each experience.

Cloud 3D Icon

Every cloud migration is different. LogicMonitor can help.

Get your head out of the cloud and your applications in it. LM Envision helps you navigate through the turbulence and ensure clear skies for the future. Whether you’re fully on-prem, slowly migrating legacy services, or just can’t scale fast enough, LogicMonitor can save you money and prepare you for the journey ahead.

Cloud Migration

Monitor your containers with ease

Rapidly detects any anomalies and frees you and your team from time-consuming, manual work of sorting out what’s essential and what is not.

  • Automated monitoring and pre-configured alert thresholds for AWS Container Services such as EKS and ECS, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Ephemeral containerized applications are auto-detected, monitored, and alerted on based on best practices
Container Monitoring
container monitoring 3D icon

Find the root cause of issues faster with AIOps

Root cause analysis (RCA) means that you and your team gets immediate insight by:

  • Surfacing actionable alerts by reporting only on the primary cause of issues and screening out irrelevant data according to the criteria you choose.
  • Rapidly detects any anomalies and frees you and your team from time-consuming, manual work of sorting out what’s essential and what is not.
AIOps 3D icon

Monitor your entire infrastructure

Gain full-stack observability across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments with cloud-based infrastructure monitoring. Cut down your MTTR and make informed decisions with AI-powered intelligence for IT Operations.

Infrastructure Monitoring
infrastructure monitoring 3D icon

Intelligent log analysis for cloud environments

Take control of the cloud in a single platform with unified logs and metrics for all cloud services. Go beyond monitoring with out-of-the-box dynamic thresholds creating proactive workflows built around log events and metric-based alerting, preventing downtime or spikes to unnecessary costs. Ingest Azure Monitor, GCP Stackdriver, and AWS Cloudwatch logs alongside other devices and services to provide visibility into cloud workloads and IaaS & PaaS performance.

Log Analysis


What is Cloud Monitoring?

Cloud monitoring is the process of reviewing and managing the operational workflow that makes up a cloud-based IT infrastructure. Different techniques confirm the availability and performance of websites, servers, applications, and other cloud infrastructure.

Can I monitor more than one cloud provider simultaneously at LogicMonitor?

Companies often use multi-cloud environments to distribute computing resources and minimize the risk of downtime and data loss. LM Cloud applies a comprehensive monitoring strategy to overall cloud performance. It gives users real-time, data-driven insight into every potentially impactful component of their cloud deployment through three fundamental elements: cloud provider monitoring, resource performance monitoring, and detailed ROI analysis.

What cloud providers does LogicMonitor monitor?

LM Cloud’s three component strategy (resource monitoring, cloud provider availability monitor, and ROI monitoring) does not depend on the cloud provider. Currently supported cloud services include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and SaaS apps such as Office 365, Salesforce, Zoom, or any supported by Atlassian

How does LM collect cloud metrics?

LogicMonitor collects data via the following methods: The application program interface (API) for individual cloud providers, for example AWS CloudWatch API, AWS EC2 API, Azure Monitor API, and so on. And the LogicMonitor Collector Metrics from LM Cloud are presented within LogicMonitor the same way as metrics for all resources and device metrics.

How does cloud monitoring work?

The cloud monitoring strategy includes three components critical to measuring overall health and performance of a cloud infrastructure:

  1. Resource Monitoring
  2. Cloud Provider Availability Monitoring
  3. Return On Investment (ROI) Monitoring

Monitored data for these three components is presented in auto-generated dashboards alongside any monitored data for on-premises infrastructure in LogicMonitor

What are cloud metrics?

LogicMonitor discovers your cloud resources and adds each resource as a LogicMonitor device. Datasources that are pre-configured to preform API calls and queries will be automatically applied to these discovered resources. If you also have a Collector deployed within your cloud environment, traditional Collector DataSources based on SNMP, WMI, and so on, will also auto-apply to these discovered resources. All existing LogicMonitor reporting, alerting dashboard and monitoring functionality works the same way once this data is in LogicMonitor.

See what our customers say about us

Simple Effective Event Log and Resource Monitoring/Alerting tool

LogicMonitor is used by our organization to actively monitor servers and cloud infrastructure for both events and resource utilization. Our main objective is to use the tool to detect and alert IT staff of anomalies or other potential downtime that could impact our customers and employees. LogicMonitor is currently deployed to key infrastructures such as VM hosts, domain controllers, critical servers, and Azure resources such as VMs, Frontdoor, Kubernetes, etc.

Nov 21, 2022

Aaron Nielson

Security Systems Architect


Health, Wellness and Fitness | 501-1000 employees

LogicMonitor has been a homerun!

LogicMonitor is great for organizations needing to get better visibility into their IT Operations and those needing to reduce workloads so that their IT teams can focus on more strategic projects.

Jul 01, 2022

Zachary Brand

Senior Director of Connected Solutions Delivery


Information Technology & Services | 501-1000 employees

LogicMonitor: Highly Recommended

LogicMonitor replaced the others because it provides better value for us: it is more effective, reliable and efficient at delivering functionality.

Jun 28, 2022

Michael Dieter

Senior Systems Engineer

Loyola University Maryland

Higher Education | 501-1000 employees

Using LogicMonitor as a Non-MSP

LogicMonitor’s licensing is per device instead of SolarWinds per interface. This means a switch only needs one license compared to SolarWinds licensing per port on the switch. SolarWind’s GUI is old and not very intuitive to new users. Setting up users in LogicMonitor is super easy and the use of roles makes managing permissions simple.

May 17, 2021

Martin Sims

Infrastructure Engineer

McWane, Inc.

Building Materials | 5001-10,000 employees

LogicMonitor is one of the best monitoring tool I have ever deployed.

LogicMonitor support is very good. Their response time is fast and we didn’t have any issues.

Sep 10, 2020

Idan Lerer

Senior Director, US Operations


Semiconductors | 201-500 employees

The Lowdown on LM

[LogicMonitor is] great for keeping an eye on infrastructure at a small scale (office-wide) or large scale (planet-wide).

Dec 18, 2020

Joe Carey

Support Engineer I


Information Technology & Services | 201-500 employees

LogicMonitor will become your Ops Team process improvement tool

We are a managed services IT staff and use LogicMonitor to support our clients and our own infrastructure. We sell monitoring as a service and Logic Monitor serves a critical role in that service.

Dec 14, 2020

Joe Jacir

System Engineer


Information Technology & Services | 51-200 employees

LogicMonitor is Time Saving Magic!

Hands down the best support we have received from any vendor. Same top tier experience at any time of the day whether it is a simple question or a complex issue. They listen to feedback and do their best to implement feedback on problems that are discovered. Support is always providing references and material to learn more about what you are asking in a non-condescending manner which is appreciative.

Dec 13, 2020

Collin Thoman

Systems Administrator

Seed IP Law Group, LLP

Legal Services | 51-200 employees

Second time LogicMonitor customer

LogicMonitor’s onboarding process is smooth. Typically you would have an engagement with professional services to walk through the tool and have assistance onboarding select devices. The support portal has excellent documentation on adding third party environments like AWS and Azure into the platform. Additionally, the ability to setup NetScans to automatically enroll devices is welcome.

Dec 11, 2020

Zack Dietz

Infrastructure Engineering Manager

Rehrig Pacific Company

Plastics | 1001-5000 employees

LogicMonitor is how monitoring should be.

There are few scenarios where LogicMonitor is not the right choice as a monitoring platform; in fact I cannot think of any where LogicMonitor was the issue.

Dec 10, 2020

Alex Boyle

Enterprise Operation Center Engineer Level II


Information Technology & Services | 1001-5000 employees

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Cloud Monitoring Solution Brief

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