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LogicMonitor + Kubernetes

Kubernetes Integration Summary

LogicMonitor’s Kubernetes Monitoring Integration (called LM Container) enables you to comprehensively monitor your Kubernetes orchestrated container environment — and the applications running within — alongside the rest of your hybrid infrastructure in a single pane of glass. LM Container provides automated monitoring and pre-configured alert thresholds for Kubernetes cluster components (containers, nodes, pods and services), container health, and application performance. You can be sure that you have full visibility to maximize your container investment.


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Automated Monitoring

Maximize your investment

Maximize performance with automated monitoring for Kubernetes Pods, Nodes, Services, Containers, and standard applications, all based on best practices.

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Pre-configured Alert Thresholds

Proactively Prevent Downtime

Pre-configured alert thresholds ensure that you receive meaningful alerts right from the start, and help you to proactively prevent downtime.

Event Data

Out-of-the-box Dashboards

Get Deeper Insights

Out of the box dashboards provide deeper insight and will help you identify how you can optimize your cluster.

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Simplify Monitoring

Avoid the burden and overhead of having an agent on every node with a solution that simply runs as two Pods in the cluster.

Event Data

Data Retention

Save your Team Time

Avoid the hassle of managing storage solutions for performance data with granular data retention for up to two years.

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Cloud & On-Prem Monitoring

Get a Single Pane of Glass

Monitor your entire distributed infrastructure in a single pane of glass with LogicMonitor’s comprehensive monitoring for cloud and on-premise environments.

Kubernetes Monitoring Explained

Getting Started

Get started with the following documentation: Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes Monitoring Dashobard