Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies

Gain complete visibility and control over your Dell Technologies infrastructure with LogicMonitor’s comprehensive monitoring solution. We include LogicModules out-of-the-box that monitor critical Dell Technologies performance metrics to build out dashboards that show the data critical to your IT Operations.

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Comprehensive monitoring

LogicMonitor provides end-to-end monitoring of your Dell Technologies infrastructure, giving you complete visibility and control over your environment.

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Proactive issue detection

With LogicMonitor’s intelligent alerting, you can quickly identify issues across all your Dell Technologies integrations before they become major problems, allowing you to proactively address them.

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LogicMonitor’s cloud-based platform is highly scalable, making it easy to monitor your entire Dell Technologies environment, no matter how large or complex.

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LogicMonitor allows you to customize your monitoring to meet your specific needs, so you can monitor the Dell Technologies products that are most important to your business.

EMC storage monitoring

With LogicMonitor, you can gain complete visibility into your EMC storage devices, including metrics related to capacity, performance, and utilization. LogicMonitor can monitor key indicators to receive real-time visibility into the health and performance of your storage environment, such as:

  • storage volumes
  • RAID arrays
  • disk utilization
  • I/O activity

Optimize the performance and availability of your storage environment, and ensure that your critical business data is always safe and accessible.

Compellent Storage Center monitoring

Compellent Storage Center streamlines the deployment, management, and scaling of data center storage. LogicMonitor helps you make the most of your Compellent deployment by delivering comprehensive health and availability monitoring.
Using LogicMonitor, you can track and measure:

  • Overall Storage Center Health
  • Health and availability of all components of the Compellent system —including Drive Status, Fans, Disk Folders, Cache, Volumes and Network Throughput
  • Compellent Controller Health

Receive alerts on any event likely to affect the availability of the Compellent system. Monitor your Compellent SAN, so you are ahead of your issues!

Dell Technologies integrations include:

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